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In Enkronos Apps Development you can register for an application for free and gain all the benefits of the advanced functionalities that Users Pool and Users Segmentation offers. By integrating the SSO to your application you can reap all the benefits of all the applications in Enkronos Apps.

For easier understanding you can also see Use Cases and read the table below, where we have listed some Enkronos Apps Development definitions.

Enkronos Apps Development ApplicationAn Application from a development stand point represent an individual and parent resource that allows calls to the API with using the Development Applications Secret.
Development Applications Secret TokenIs a unique HASH key. Required in order to create Calls to the Enkronos Apps API. Should be kept private. If stolen change it immediately.
Development Applications Public TokenIs a unique HASH key. Required to create validated callbacks on the Enkronos Apps SSO.
Development Applications SSO CallbackDefines a URL that will be called with “?auth-token” parameter with which a Development application can authenticate its User Accounts.

Read here about our next feature Audience Management.

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