Create a contest system for your ICO


How Your Gamify helped the CEO of an ICO in creating a contest system that helped him in distributing the tokens and also expanding the information about his ICO.


The owner of the ICO wish to create a complex contest system with the following requirements:

  • Create a complex contest system in matter of minutes
  • At the end of it give away ICO tokens to people that have both ability and luck
  • These tokens are given away as ranking rewards
  • Identify customers
  • Obtain all customers data for future ICO audience

When creating an ICO, you will want to use any tools at your disposal that can increase potentiality of having a successful ICO. Enkronos Apps offers many of those tools. Starting with Your Gamify – it will build up your Users Pool for all future engagements you wish to have with your potential new clients.

So let us build up Your Gamify. First we identify that we wish to give away 10,000 tokens. However we wish to give them away at 90 x 100 and 1x 1000. Meaning you want the top scorer in Your Gamify to obtain the best prize of 1000 tokens.

Required Steps:

  • Go to Enkronos Apps (If this is your first time, you will be required to choose a billing plan and register your account)
  • Choose the application Your Gamify press on “Create new gamify”
  • Input the title of your new Your Gamify website and the subdomain (the Subdomain is the URL of your website. You can only choose the subdomain level.
  • In the design tab you can change the appearance of your website. Changing the title, main image, description etc … (Be sure to select a good quality image, because it stretches out on big screens.)
  • Go to the prizes tab and press create new Prizes
  • 1000 Tokens – Image of your Tokens with golden border, quantity 1
  • 100 Tokens – Image of your tokens with silver border, quantity 90 – Go to create contest and choose “Create new contest”
  • The first contest you create is a Facebook participation type and instantdraw contest type. (This contest will only require the users to log in through Facebook. Your Gamify will guide them.) (Since the amount of rewards from the Ranking system is 91, there will automatically be created 91 possible lucky points rewards as chance winning)
  • The second contest you create is a Survey contest with one question and selecting the instant draw contest type. This question will gather the public block chain addresses of you participants
  • The third contest you create is a Simple contest. This contest is a reward to the participants that finished the previous ones. On this one we set again instant draw and choose 5 max participations. Here participants can try their luck 5 times in order to gain more lucky points and reach higher levels in the ranking
  • At this stage you are required to go to Settings and visit your website.
  • As the owner of the Your Gamify you will be required to log in first to finalise the deployment of your brand new engagement application
  • Create a complex contest system in matter of minutes
  • Identify your customers (Demography, Interests, personal information)
  • Build your users pool (Read more in Data Gathering -> Users Pool)
  • Access data at a later stage and prepare more engagement tools that focuses the ICO audience

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