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Enkronos Users Pool contains all the users that have used any of the Enkronos Applications at any time. A user is added to the pool when he logs in through the secure Enkronos Single Sign-on (SSO) feature. Every creator in the Enkronos environment also has its own pool of users. When a user logs in to an application or interacts with any of the applications the creator obtains the user to its authorized pool of users. The creator will always only see the users that have authorized his applications. The creator will never gain access to data that does not belong to him inside the Enkronos Applications.

You as the creator can tag your content. Creating a Swee location event and tagging it with “Entertainment” will also add the same tag to all of the users that interact with your event on the map. By adding tags to your content you can create interests and likes that are pinned to your users.


  • Swee Event #1 is tagged with FUN. Anyone who interacts with this event will be given the tag weight to his user profile.
  • Swee Event #2 is tagged with CATS & DOGS. Anyone who interacts with this event will be given two tags with weight to his profile.
  • Loyalty Store Product “Chocolate Bar 123” is tagged with CHOCOLATE and FUN. Anyone that purchases this product on the loyalty store will be given the tag with weight.
Example of how to create a new Segment in Enkronos Apps.

So if a user did all those three things you as the creator of the content will now see this users interests as: FUN x2, CATS x1, DOGS x1 and CHOCOLATE x1.

As the creator you can now create a user segmentation where you choose FUN as the interest you are searching for. From the segment you can export your list of users that have FUN as the tag on demand. This way you can always find specific users that have a specific interest from your pool of users.

The great thing about Enkronos Apps is that users data is gathered throughout all of the applications. That means a contest or a loyalty program that you are not the creator of, can build and share users data if you share that specific user authentication access.

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