Users of the mobile application sees your Event as a gift box in the Swee World. Each event interaction has your customers displayed a unique type of an Event.

Types of interactions:

  •  Confirm location Events are the simplest of the Events in Swee. The only thing that is required from this Event is that the visitors of your Event are close enough and that they have a valid Enkronos Apps account. By participating to an Event you as the creator can reward them with contest like prizes that are randomly given away at the time of the visit.
  • Augmented reality Events will gamify your Events with a required interaction that the visitor is required to find a special item hidden in the augemented reality around him. When the visitor finds this item he can participate to your Event and is eligable to win a contest like prize. These prizes are randomly given away.
  • Loyalty Venue Events allows you to manage your loyalty program on a location based aspect. Loyalty Venue allows you to create a loyalty campaign and manage it through Enkronos Apps. Events in Swee allow your visitors to gather points which they can then use to purchase products from the loyalty campaign catalogue. Swee integrates Loyalty venue to create the world first location based loyalty systems through a 3d engaging mobile application. The benefits of managing your loyalty programs in the Enkronos Apps environment is that there is no need to “Register” your users personal information. Enkronos Apps does this for you automatically and only once.

In the future there will be other ways to interact with your customers and if you have a specific need please be sure to contact us in order to help you with it.

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