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Contest Dream allows you quick sharing abilities from its contest administration area. In the Overview of the contest there is a Promotions area. Here you can share to your favourite social media by a simple click interaction.

Social sharing your contest will improve its potential reach. If your goal, as the creator and manager of a contest, is to increase the amount of users you obtain and to create a potential new list of customers you should try and do everything in your power! Contest Dream will help you by providing these amazing tools.

Example of a Contest Dream contest and how the Promotions sharing part look like.

There are the following promotions:

  • Share on your user timeline in Facebook
  • Create a Facebook page post – As the owner of the page, you can then create a simple add campaign on Facebook to further increase your potential reach of the contest
  • Share on Twitter by tweeting the contest content – After tweeting it you can create an add campaign on tweeter that focuses on your tweet engagement
  • Create a pin on Pinterest
  • Embedding the contest to your website (Example: your company has a WordPress website. Simply copy paste the embed code to a new post/page)

While sharing to your local group is a good idea on social media, further increasing the potential reach by creating add campaigns on each individual app is much better.

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