Chained Contest


In Your Gamify you can make complex data collection structures that are represented with chained contests. Individual contests focus on collecting a certain type of data. A user will be prompted to go through all of contests in order to gather as many points as possible. A participants goal is to reach a high ranking in order to be eligible for a prize.

Your Gamify administration panel.

Example of chained contests:

  1. Facebook Contest (obtains Facebook data and requires the user to log in)
  2. Simple contest (requires the user to press the button and to go further. Gives points depending on the speed of the interaction) (instantdraw)
  3. Unique code insertion (requires the user to purchase a product online and obtain a digital unique code)
  4. Simple contest (This contest is finaldraw and gives the last points out to the users as to finalize the ranking)

With a simple chained system as above, you identified your entire audience that visits your “Your Gamify” website. At the same time you challenged the users to gain unique codes and engaged them with a gamification type of a contest where they compete and rank against each other.

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