Integrating a Facebook contest


Unique implementation of Contest Dream helped a web store in increasing brands awareness and engaging customers.


Your company already has an existing web store and wishes to deploy a new feature where you want to create a contest. The goal of this contest is to further increase your brands awareness by reaching and engaging with your customers in a new way and to more specifically identify who your customers are and what are their interests.


In Contest Dream you can create this specific contest in matter of minutes:

  • Go to Enkronos Apps (If this is your first time, you will be required to choose a billing plan and register your account)
  • Choose the application Contest Dream and select Create Contest under Contests tab
  • Choose participation type Facebook and choose the contest type Instantdraw
  • Fill out the image, title and description
  • Choose the correct time when the contest starts and ends.
  • Select 1 number of participation events per user
  • Be sure to add tags if you wish to identify your customers (Read more about tagging in data gathering)
  • Create 10 prizes and finalize your contest.
  • Add terms of agreements so you secure yourself from a legal standpoint
  • Publish your contest
  • Go to App development in Enkronos Apps
  • Create a new app
  • Share the correct details of secret and public with your developer

At this point, your job as the manager of the contest ended. The next steps are much more technical where the Contest Dream logic has to be integrated in to your web store (be sure to give your developer the documentation of Enkronos Apps public RESTful API).

In order to integrate a contest resources, you first need to be able to authenticate those users through the Enkronos Apps SSO. After authentication and the redirection of Enkronos Apps SSO with the correct user authentication token, you can start making API requests. Here it is completely up to you on how you wish the design to look on the frontend of your webstore. To reduce the amount of duplicated data, be sure to use the Contests resource and its children relations in order to obtain all the data that directly links to the contest resource. After populating your frontend view with design (numerous attributes from Contests resource such as title, description, dates, prizes etc …) you can than add one button and a point the following logic to it – If user authentication token from Enkronos Apps true POST participations resource, else go to log in in Enkronos Apps SSO.

With these few steps you can completely adjust your procedure of what you show and how the contest feels to the end users of your web store.

  • Unique implementation of Contest Dream Contests (Which at that point are your own contests)
  • Having a contest on your own application (web store)
  • Identify your customers (Demography, Interests, personal information)
  • Build your users pool (Read more in DataGathering -> Users Pool)
  • Engage your users with interactive and trendy design
  • Solve a specific problem of contest engagement tools
  • Continuous updating of Contest Dream
  • Following social media trends
  • Reusing the users you gained from Contest Dream in other engagements tools in Enkronos Apps (Examples: Location based events in Swee, Loyalty programs in Loyalty Venue)

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