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Welcome to the Feature area of Enkronos, where you should be able to find everything you need to know about our products and platforms inside out.

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Introduction to Enkronos Apps

Enkronos Apps it is an exclusive multi-application environment for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions. Our platform technology is based on a fully trusted Ethereum blockchain credit system that disables any chance of fraud, censorship or third-party interference.

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Let’s learn more about Enkronos Apps with the next set of definitions:

Enkronos AppsEnkronos Apps is a cloud service that provides a suitable environment for the usage of unique and individual applications. These applications will provide a centralized data gathering concept to each user engagement application, whether that is loyalty, contests, or other.
Enkronos Apps Company accountWhen a user account registers his company data inside Enkronos Apps is when the company access is defined. The user can create this data only once, however he can always change it after the first creation
User AccountDefines each register account in Enkronos Apps. A user account is not linked to an individual application inside Enkronos Apps
AppIs an individual application that uses Enkronos Apps SSO to identify their User Accounts and has a register Enkronos Apps Development Application
Enkronos Apps EnvironmentDefines all applications in the eco system called Enkronos Apps
Enkronos Apps SSOSingle sign on feature that Enkronos Apps offers to all Apps inside the Enkronos Apps Environment. The main functionality of the SSO is to securely authenticate a User Account with an Enkronos App
User Authenticates ApplicationEach User Account has to authenticate each individual application. This occures when a User Account is loging in to an applicaiton through the Enkronos Apps SSO. In the SSO the user will perceive information regarding his current location and the next step which is the targeted application
User EmailPrimary identifiction unique key for all users in Enkronos Apps.

Meet Our apps

We have a constantly evolving set of products designed to help businesses increase user engagement.

  • Swee is a location-based, augmented reality engagement app, which is revolutionizing loyalty, contest and event concepts. To learn more about this app please visit Swee features, Swee Uses Cases or Swee web page
  • Loyalty Venue is a web based system for loyalty programs, gift cards programs, and incentives for your employees loyalty programs. To learn more about this app please visit Loyalty Venue features, Loyalty Venue Uses Cases or Loyalty Venue web page.
  • Your Gamify is a user friendly, step-by-step app that gives you the opportunity to build your own landing page with simple or chained competitions. To learn more about this app please visit Your Gamify features, Your Gamify Uses Cases or Your Gamify web page.
  • Contest Dream is an online platform where people can create and play different types of contests. By creating a contest you can promote yourself, your company or a product.  To learn more about this app please visit Contest Dream features, Contest Dream Uses Cases or Contest Dream web page.
  • With McAudience App you can create and maintain an audience of people with predefined and tailor made characteristics. To learn more about this app please visit McAudience features, McAudience Uses Cases or McAudience web page.

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