Engage clients to use new mobile app


A Pizza delivery company wants clients to order pizza via their new mobile app.


A company that is specialised in fast delivery of delicious pizzas build it´s first mobile app. They want to redirect the orders that are now mainly happening via telephone. This creates a lot of order mistakes and also requests a person, that is always available in order to quickly answer the call and take the order.
It is quite logical that that the mobile app, special designed for that needs, will solve the issue, as it is very intuitive and easy to use. The pizza delivery company main problem is how to redirect, or how to engage all the existing customers in order to use the mobile app instead the old way.


A Loyalty Venue Program can be interpreted by different applications at the same time. For this client´s needs we will be using The Automatic Web store application from Loyalty Venue.
The integration of Loyalty Venue for this use case is really simple and quite effective.

These are the steps needed to solve the problem for you as a manager of a loyalty program:

  • Creating an account on Enkronos Apps and choosing an appropriate Billing Plan (You can start with the free plan)
  • Choosing Loyalty Venue and Creating a Loyalty Campaign.
  • Populating the required Catalogue (Products, categories, brands)
  • Creating your first Auto Web Store
  • Distributing the information of where (what URL address these loyalty web sites are) your loyalty programs are

On the other side, the customer just have to download the mobile app and for every $ spent via the mobile app he earns 1 point. When he earned 50 point he is eligible for one free pizza.

The manager of the loyalty program can also integrate Swee app and upgrade his loyalty campaign to a higher level:

  • Creating a Swee Event with the correct location and choosing the Event as Loyalty Venue. You are also required to choose the correct Loyalty Program when creating the Swee Event.
  • Adding 20 points, if the customer gives his email to you at the checkout in your restaurant. At this point your employee can follow the third rule of earning points, which is manually adding points to each customer in your restaurant.
  • Implementing LV lite to each purchase in your currently existing “Card” loyalty program from your terminals in your restaurant (You are required to have a system that recognises emails per loyalty card of your existing loyalty program. If you do not have an existing loyalty program, you can use any other mean where the EMAIL is the recognised unique identifier).
  • Engage your customers to start using a mobile app
  • Unique offering of rewards and prizes to your loyalty patrons
  • A problem of Loyalty Program tools solved
  • Identify your customers (Demography, Interests, personal information)
  • Engage your customers with an interactive mobile application (in case of Swee integration)
  • Build your users pool (Read more in DataGathering->Users Pool)
  • Combined and centralised data for a loyalty program (in case of integrating your old loyalty card program)

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