Contest Types


When creating the contest you can choose between three contest types. It is good to understand that each contest is required to have a type. It defines how the contests logic of awarding prizes works. Not all contest types are suitable for the contest you have envisioned before starting the creation processes.

There are the following different types:

  • Instantdraw – This contest type is best suited for contests that require the winners to be known at the time of the participation event. Prizes are randomly given away as awards to these participants. This type of a contest has no ranking of prizes or participants (Example: You wish to give away 100 tickets for a concert to your loyal participants randomly in the next three days).
  • Finaldraw – This contest type is best suited for contests that require the winners to be randomly announced at the end of the contest. Prizes are given away depending on the rank. When the sorting for winners occurs, all winners are sorted from the first position to the position that represents your last prize (Example: If you created 1000 quantity of prizes, there are 1000 positions in rank).
  • Jury – This contest type is best suited for contests where the winners are decided by subjective means of decision making. Prizes are given away manually when the contest enters its “Contest Finalization” cycle. You, as the creator, can manually assign prizes to the participations you want based on your own decision criteria (Example: Best art contest, top 5 submitted art pictures will get a free concert ticket).With these contests types and the amount of participation types  Contest Dream offers, you as the creator, can create contests that work exactly as you wanted them (For more unique building of contests be sure to read the section “Create advanced contests”).
After choosing a Participation Type (in this example we use Participation with Facebook) you have to chose a Contest Type.

Read here about the next feature Life Cycle of a Contest.

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