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In Swee you obtain a powerful tool that let you see an overview of where and how your Swee Events are operating. This tool is located as soon as you enter the application from Enkronos Apps. You can maneuver around it by simply clicking on the events in the bottom right corner or clicking on the map and creatring more Swee Events. When an event is choosen, its information will be displayed in the event information panel that is located on the left side of your window.

At the start of Swee you will be able to do the following:

  • List of Events (These can be changed for clearer visibility)
  • Searching for Events
  • A map of real time Events display
  • Event informational panel
  • Amount of participations to the Event
  • Duration of the Event
  • Create Events
  • Search the Map
  • Enter the Edit Mode of an Event (In Edit mode you can customize or delete your event)
  • Whether an Event is Active or Inactive on the map.

Explore more about Swee in Use Cases (link) or go to the next feature Event.

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