Life Cycle of a Contest


Each contest represents its unique interpretation of how a creator sees a contest. Of course, the contest can simply be a copy paste of an existing one, but from the Contest Dream perspective, each contest is unique and separated from all other contests. All contests do follow the same rules of a life cycle and that is common to all contests in Contest Dream.

Contests cycles:

  • Before creation
  • At creation process
  • Before start of contest
  • Contest duration
  • Contest ending
  • Contest finalization
  • Contest history data

Every contest creation starts with the creator having an idea of what kind of a contest he wishes to create. Whether this is a selfie contest or a survey contest is a decision he will have to make in the next step. The creator should focus on creating a contest that will best engage his desired audience.

When the idea of a contest is created, the next step is creating it. Going to Enkronos Apps and entering the Contest Dream application will allow you to create that contest. At creation, you are required to choose the contest participation type, contest type, its basic information and other general rules of the contest such as duration and terms of agreement.

After you created the contest with the help of the contest creation wizard, you are still required to configure it to some degree. At this time, before the contest start, you are required to add a terms of agreement. Those are public and each participant to the contest can read it, some, will have to agree to it (depending on your settings). Before the start of the contest you can still change some basic information and before the start of it you are required to Publish your contest. Publishing a contest means that you, as the creator, are confirming your data on the contest. From the point of publishing the contest is publicly visible and when it starts (the time of start of the contest that was set in the contest creation wizard) it will be possible to participate to it.

While the contest is in its created duration, meaning, the contest is active and participatable, you, as the creator, can observe the contest in real time. You can see the participations coming in, and if there are winners (this is in the case of contest type instant draw) you can already prepare on sending out the prizes. Contest retains this state until the ending time is reached:

  • Starting time determines when participations are allowed to be created
  • Ending time determines the mark of contest ending. After that, no participation can be created and contests is deemed ended. (Contest Ending)

After the contest ended, you the creator, is required to finalize it. Finalization in Contest Dream is focused on two things:

  • Finalize your contest – This option appears in the awards section of Contest Dream. Pressing it will lock the awards to users. A manual action here is required. Before this option is pressed, you as the creator still have some options of editing (Example: Jury contest type is allowed to assign winners before finalization, not after).
  • Giving away awards – You as the creator have to contact the winners of your contest and communicate the correct way of delivering their prizes.

At any point of time in the future you can re-enter Enkronos Apps and have the ability to obtain the old data. It is also good to understand that, the data that the contest collected, will never disappear and will help your future engagements in Enkronos Apps.

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