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Enkronos Apps has the tools required so that your company can obtain very needed information regarding your clients with fun and engaging applications. While doing so, Enkronos Apps do this by linking multiple applications with a centralized data storage (For individual applications, please go to their respected articles in the website). Now imagine, you can have a contest and a loyalty program linked between each other, while retaining a common location of data regarding your visitors, users and loyalty members. Now to go further, while a contest and the loyalty program engages with your users in very specific ways, there are also other applications that will meet most of the required current standards in the marketing world. But, Enkronos Apps does not stop there. With the addition of location based event managing inside Swee and managing your user segments with McAudience and Users Segmentation sections in Enkronos Apps, you receive unique tools that harmoniously work together.

Example of Segmentation data (information is obtained from all Enkronos Apps applications)

All of the above mentioned tools gather the information about your clients and display them in a centralized applications of Enkronos Apps. This occurs when your clients engage with your applications.

To mention a few:

  • You build a contest in Contest Dream. Every user that participates on your contest is moved to your pool of Users.
  • You create a Loyalty Store and offer your loyalty campaign to your clients
  • You create a Swee event on the real world map. Every person that is close enough and is willing to interact with the event is moved to your pool of Users.
  • You can obtain very specific information by creating a Your Gamify mission based contests and focusing on Surveys and other unique data gathering material such as Images and Videos.
Example of creation wizard in Your Gamify app.

In other words, by following a very simple step by step wizards in each of these applications, you can create powerful tools that will allow you, to not only gather information about your clients, but also offer advanced engagement tools that are unique on the market. Because, these tools are all integrated with each other, you will never be required to merge any data your self with excel spreadsheets or other time consuming actions. Instead you can focus on engaging your users and let Enkronos Apps offer you easy solutions for data management.

Example showing a pie chart inside an individual user in users list Enkronos Apps.

Why would you pay insane amounts of your companies funds in order to create your custom engagement tools, when you can do that with Enkronos Apps for much cheaper. And remember, you do not gain only one tool of data gathering engagement tools, instead, you gain everything Enkronos Apps have to offer now and in the future.

Read here about the next feature Types of Data gathered.

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