User Segmentation


In Enkronos Apps, you as the owner, have your own users. These users have at some point in the past authorised one of your applications by using the Enkronos Apps login system to enter an application you own. As soon as the user has logged in to any of your applications, he is added to the Enkronos Apps Users Pool that you own.

Example of a Segmentation filter in Enkronos Apps

You, as the owner of the account, can at any time create a Users Segmentation. At creation of it, you define its rules. Each segmentation can be defined by the following:

  • Title (Does not effect segmentation filter, only for your easier identification. Example: Food interests)
  • Description (Does not effect segmentation filter, only for your easier identification.)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Countries
  • Interests

Each definition further restricts the amount of users you intend to add to a segmentation. However the more information on rules a segmentation has, the more precise your target of users is. Once the segmentation is created, you can re-use it at any time by going to Enkronos Apps and accessing the specific segmentation.


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