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Your Gamify allows you to build chained contests. Each contest can solve a specific need. Similar to Contest Dream, in Your Gamify a contest is build out of two key parts. The first part identifies how a user can participate to the individual contest. The second defines the winning condition of that individual contest. Each individual contest in Your Gamify can earn you more points in the ranking system. The goal of contests in Your Gamify is for users to earn points. These points are then converted to rank and depending on the individual rank of users they earn the prizes allocated to those ranks.

Your Gamify administration panel (backend).

Types of contest participations:

  • Simple – This contest allows its users to participate to the individual contest by a simple click on the button. Only requirement is that the user is logged in.
  • Unique codes – This participation type on the contest allows its users to participate by inserting unique codes, when the participation event prompts the user for it.
  • Quiz – Most suited participation type to gather defined data. The user can only enter the possibility of winning on this contest if the quiz answered is correct. Otherwise the participation is counted is not confirmed (This type of a contest will generate unique codes that are exportable. You as the creator are then required to give away these points).
  • Facebook – With this participation type the user is promted to finish a log in procedure through Facebook. With this contest the company gains information about the users Facebook activities and interests

With the participation type you can set the action required for participation and with the contest type you can define the winning condition of an individual contest:

  • Instant Draw – The participant immediately knows whether he won or lost.
  • Finaldraw – The Participant knows whether he won or lost on an individual contest after the Your Gamify ends.

Each contest is a combination of both a participation type and a contest type. Depending on the contest the individual contests lucky points are given away to the participant. They are given to the participant on how the winners are defined (contest type.)

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