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How Swee App helped a store in engaging and identifying their clients with an augmented reality treasure hunt.


You would like to create a centralised engagement system, where the main goal is to identify your client or visitor. You not only want to know the people visiting your main store, but you would also like to learn information regarding every other customer that visits a specific store in the shopping mall.


Swee allows you to place location based Events in each store inside your department. Each of these Events will act as a anchor point where the customer visiting the store can obtain Loyalty Points for your loyalty campaign catalogue. You do not need QR codes, unique codes, filling out endless forms in order to let your customers register to your loyalty campaign. Instead, you can allow the Swee mobile app to do everything for you from the costumers side. Swee application is integrated with Enkronos Apps environment. Therefor it gains all the benefits of securely managing your users and creating further promotions in the future with them by having a centralised database. At the same time, you as the organiser, gain the ability to manage and create new Events at any given time.

As the customer is moving through each individual store and clicking the simple Events, that customer is actively participating in your Loyalty campaign and at the same time you receive the information of what your customer is shopping and in which store he is. You also gain the ability to segment these customers depending on their interest and behaviour because of the powerful Enkronos Apps users segmentation tools (Read more about this in Data Gathering->Users Pool).

You can also place Events in your competitors store as to brand yourself and promote your own material by getting and identifying the customers of that competitors store.

Through Enkronos Apps you can create these Swee Events and you can also create your loyalty store in Loyalty Venue. In Loyalty Venue you can manage the entire system of a loyalty campaign catalogue (You can ready more about this in Loyalty Venue features).

  • Identify your customers (Demography, Interests, personal information)
  • Engage your customers with an interactive mobile application
  • Build your users pool (Read more in Data Gathering -> Users Pool)
  • Improve your brands image in a location based application
  • Improve your brands image by placing Events near other bigger brands
  • Create and manage a loyalty system
  • Reward your customers with daily prizes
  • Location based application Swee
  • Augmented reality treasure hunting through your department store

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