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Smart contracts services are essential to building dApps. A Smart Contract is a distributed code set, stored on a blockchain network. Its usage needs no middlemen or a single designated server. The code is executed dynamically, when triggered by pre-programmed events. Our developers team codes Smart Contracts using the Ethereum networks.

An example of our work is our own Enkronos ICO where we started by creating three unique smart contracts and deployed them on the Ethereum blockchain. Each contract solves an important part in the bigger picture of realising a fully decentralised payment and important data ledger eco system inside our Enkronos Apps. If you want to know more on how we went from a multi-application ecosystem to a fully integrated dApp platform deployed on Ethereum blockchain please click here.

DApps or Decentralized applications, are the next advancement of the Smart Contract. DApps combine a number of correlated Smart Contracts, united by programmed logic working with a Blockchain network. From backend to front-end development, we can assist you on a wide range of dApp projects.

As blockchain usage continues to gain adoption we are excited to help our clients expand into the space. From full development to consulting, we are happy to discuss any project.

Smart contracts can automate different processes, procedures, and operations. Blockchain-based smart contracts offer the following benefits for business:

  • De-risking – Decentralized process of implementation, on which blockchain is based, reduces the risk of fraud. All processes are managed automatically by the whole user network rather than an individual user or party.
  • Transactions without an intermediary – Smart contracts can reduce or, in some cases, completely exclude the involvement of third-party agents.
  • Reducing costs – Smart contracts are based on software code, therefore all tasks are automated, which excludes any manual manipulation and processing by humans. Less human intervention and a decreased number of auxiliary steps results in lowered costs, with lower administrative and financial costs for the most common transactions.
  • Better accuracy – Smart contracts increase the speed of business operations and are less prone to manual error.
  • New business models creation – Smart contracts enable new kinds of business and products, such as smart locks for vehicles and storage units, or innovations in the micro insurance sphere.

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