Loyalty Venue


Loyalty Venue is a cloud application that offers the ability of a full loyalty campaign management.

You can register freely to our Enkronos Apps and start to create your loyalty campaign from Loyalty Venue App.

Or we can do it for you. In this case simply buy online what you need.

You can find out more about Loyalty Venue on www.loyaltyvenue.com or you can check out some of the Loyalty Venue´s features we have listed here:

For easier understanding you can also see Use Cases and read the table below, where we have listed all Loyalty Venue definitions.

Loyalty Automatic StoreIs an automatic system that creates a webstore at a specific URL address with a customized loyalty program.
ProductsProducts are digital resources that define the attributes of a physical object. For the webstore of Loyalty Venue, products can be anything the creator of the store defines it.
Example: Cars, Bananas, Plane tickets, Spa access, Other Loyalty points, Concert tickets, etc …
PrizesA product from the loyalty catalogue is converted to a prize at the moment the costumer of the Loyalty Venue store creates an order for it.
Loyalty CatalogueDefines the concept of offering prizes to costumers of a company and describe its structure of catalogues. A catalogue is made of, products, brands, categories.
Loyalty Campaign“A customer loyalty program is a program run by a company that offers benefits to frequent customers. An effective customer loyalty program rewards customers who buy from a business on a regular basis, encouraging the customer to return frequently.” (Source)
Store CustomersIn Loyalty Venue a customers becomes a Store Customer as soon as this user logs in and authenticates the application. Authenticating the application procedure occurs when the client logs in to the specific store for the first time by using Enkronos Apps SSO (Find the definition of SSO in General tab).

A store customer does not have to order a prize in order to become a store customer. Therefor the Store customer is added to the customers list in Loyalty venue administration.

Important: A store customer is linked to a specific Loyalty venue Store. Every store customer is an Enkronos Apps Users Pool while a user in the Users Pool of Enkronos Apps does not have to be a Store customer.

CustomersA person who buys goods or services from a shop or business. (Source)
CreatorThe creator of a loyalty venue loyalty program is the owner of the account that creates the resources for a loyalty venue store and at the same time holds ownership of the companies information in Enkronos Apps. (This removes a future problem of creating teams in enkronos apps when available.)
StoreStore represents a digital resource in Loyalty venue that has attributes of a webstore.

Important: Auto store and store is not the same thing. Auto store is an automatic system that deploys a website, while the store only defines its raw data.

Example: A store digital resource can be integrated anywhere to any store, while the Auto Store is a defined procedure unchangable.

Loyalty Venue ProgramA Loyalty Venue program is the top resource identifying the entire logic behind a single implemention of Loyalty Venue. Each Loyalty Venue Program has direct access to its related information.
Loyalty PointsLoyalty points are the primary currency in a Loyalty Program and the msot basic functionality in order to reward your customers. With the points customers can purchase prizes.
LV LiteLV Lite represents the procedure of a simple API integration with Enkronos Apps accessing the resources of Loyalty Venue. For it to work the Enkronos apps user is required to have a registered application and a Loyalty Venue Program.
Public AudienceThe potential users that may visit the store at any given point during the loyalty venue program and may or may not register or interact with your program in any way.

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