With Events you can create your own story as to what kind of problem you wish to solve. Each Event can be customized to solve a specific requirement, however every created Event, that is active, is shown on Swee Map.

Events in Swee can give you the following benefits:

  • Identify your customers (Demography, Interests, personal information)
  • Engage your customers with an interactive mobile application
  • Build your users pool (Read more in DataGathering -> Users Pool)
  • Improve your brands image in a location based application
  • Improve your brands image by placing Events near other bigger brands
  • Simplify Loyalty and Contests engagement tools
  • Gamify your Events with Augmented Reality

These benefits can be accessed by using the Swee Application from the Enkronos Apps administration. The data collected is available to you as the creator of the event at any given time and the Event is always available to your customers and location visitors through the mobile application Swee.

You can create these Events through a simple point and click wizard that guides you step by step from inside Enkronos Apps:

  • The first step represents you choosing the location as to where the Event is located.
  • The second step requires you to choose when your customers can interact with the Event. Event detection tells you when your visitors will see the Event in the mobile application of Swee and the Event interaction will determine when your customers can actively interact with it.
  • The third step will help you choose the Event Interaction. An interaction determines how your customers will see the Event and what they will receive from it.
  • The fourth and the last step helps you fill in the basic Event information such as title and date.

You can finish each of these steps in under minutes and by doing so, creating a very complex and interactive Event that is visibly displayed on a real location based map with all the rest of the Events in the Swee world.

Read here about the next feature Interactions.

For more information about Swee please see Use Cases or contact us.

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