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How Swee App helped an ICO company in giving away their tokens in an innovative way and at the same time gaining new potential investors

BUSINESS situation

An ICO company have the need to make some sort of airdrop for their tokens (a Crypto Airdrop is when a blockchain project or ICO distributes free tokens or coins to the crypto community) but also to increase their investor/customer comunity. Further on, they wanted to do it in a new way, preferably with the use of augmented reality. They also did not liked none of the solutions on the market like for example IZX game or Clash & GO.


In this case we have used a combination of two of Enkronos´ Apps: SWEE and LOYALTY VENUE.
We have populated the word with 10.000 Swee Events, each of these Events will give the client/investor loyalty points. At the end of the Swee Events the loyalty points are exchanged for the ICO tokens. Swee app and Loyalty Venue are integrated into Enkronos apss environment, therefore you gain all the benefits of a SSO system. On the top of that you, as the organiser, gain the ability to manage and create new Events at any time.

  • engage your potential investors with an interactive mobile application
  • make airdrops something fun with the use of augmented reality app
  • build your user pool
  • identify your investors (demography, interest, personal info)
  • a unique kind of integration of loyalty program

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