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How Loyalty Venue helped the marketing manager in handling loyalty campaigns for a massive company with many child companies.


Our client´s marketing manager was having huge problems in managing different loyalty systems in different child companies. To note some: retail stores, sporting stores, video games, restaurants and a factory that creates tires. Now from the first look these companies might not have much in common, however the client wish to achieve a centralised system of a loyalty program that expands over all of these companies and has a common Loyalty Program where patrons to the program receive points from many different interactions with these companies and can spend these points to any of the individual company loyalty stores.



  • 5 Unique store implementations (One store implementation can be done with Auto Web Store, the others must be done through integration)
  • Factory workers getting loyalty points for being on time at work – Retail store customers get loyalty points per 20 eur purchases
  • Sporting store customers get 10 loyalty points every day if they come to a specific location in the store (The store aisles where sneakers are sold)
  • Video game “Battle Shooter” players get 10 loyalty points for every victory in the game
  • Every customer gets 20 loyalty points per restaurant meal
  • Centralised users
  • Centralised Loyalty Program
  • Available on every device
  • Shipping integration (The shipping company has access to where to send what)

It is safe to assume, that this is a more complicated loyalty program, however, with Loyalty Venue as the main tool this is doable. The manager of this Loyalty Program, gained a tremendous amount of data on his loyalty customers and the behaviour of those while at the same time utilising the detailed tools of Enkronos Apps. All of the above requirements are solved with our tools and if there is something Loyalty Venue misses, we will solve it for you!

  • Combined and centralised data for a loyalty program expanding over 5 different companies/brands
  • Unique offering of rewards and prizes to your loyalty patrons
  • A loyalty program that expands its data regarding customers and points over a simple web store (This specifically means, that a user can use the same loyalty points in different concepts of an interpretation given to a specific loyalty program)
  • A problem of Loyalty Program tools solved
  • Identify your customers (Demography, Interests, personal information)
  • Engage your customers with an interactive mobile application
  • Build your users pool (Read more in Data Gathering -> Users Pool)

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