Ranking and Rewards


Your Gamify is a complex ability type contest. The rewards are given out to the participants that are the highest on the ranking when the Your Gamify ends. Each participant gains points when he interacts with a Your Gamify website.

There are three main ways to gain points as a participant:

  • Participant points – Each participation on an individual contest gives points.
  • Timed points – The faster you participate to chained individual contests the more points you obtain
  • Lucky points – Each individual contest has its own lucky points. Lucky points are given away to particpants on the rules of instantdraw or finaldraw. (Because of this, the participants wont know if they won till the end.)

Participants see their points in real time (Seen in your gamify at the bottom if the page). They can see what the reward will be at the end end of the time. However, every other participant has the ability to get more points than the current one and gain the first prize.

The ranking system is always visible to both, participants and the creator of Your Gamify. The creators can see the ranking situation inside their administration area in Enkronos Apps. In the preparation phase, the creator is required to add rewards to your gamify. Each reward has a quantity assigned. Rewards are ranked from 1st position to 5th position. While there are only 5 different types of a reward, each reward can have a high amount of quantity.

It is important to understand that each individual quantity from a reward is positioned in a descending order at the ranking system.


  • 1st reward Chocolate x5
  • 2nd reward Chips x10
  • There are two different rewards, however the quantity together is 15. That means that the first 5 positions will be rewarded with the chocolate and the next 10 positions (6-15) will be rewarded Chips.

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