Contest Dream


Contest Dream is an online platform where people can create and play different types of contests. By creating a contest you can promote yourself, your company or a product.

You can register freely to our Enkronos Apps and start to create your contest from Contest Dream App.

Or we can do it for you. In this case simply buy online what you need.

You can find out more about Contest Dream on or you can check out some of the Contest Dream´s features we have listed here:

For easier understanding you can also see Use Cases and read the table below, where we have listed all Contest Dream definitions.

Contest DreamContest Dream is a wall based front end application that lists all available contests to the User Account
Contest Dream AdministrationIs the application inside Enkronos Apps where creators can manage their contests
ContestA contest is the main resources that defines all of the linked attributes. It contains information about its rules, prizes, duration, TOS and participants.
CreatorCreator is the user that creates and owns the contests information.
ParticipationAn event in time that represents the users engagement with the contest. The engagement itself, or participation type can be varied depending on that participation type.
Participation typeParticipation type defines the rule of participation. Depending on the type an action is required from the participant to the contest
Contest creation wizardContest creation wizard will aid you and ease the task of you, as the creator, to create the contest you wish to have. You can find this wizard directly at the start of pressing “Create Contest”.
ParticipantParticipants are users that exist in the Enkronos apps environment and have directly participated to your contest.
UserIs a register user in Enkronos Apps

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