Your Gamify


Your Gamify is a user friendly, step-by-step app that gives you the opportunity to build your own landing page with simple or chained competitions. All that without any prior knowledge about web pages or competitions!

With Your Gamify you can create entertaining competitions and in addition acquire new users interested in you and your products and services.

You can register freely to our Enkronos Apps and start to create your gamification from Your Gamify App.

Or we can do it for you. In this case simply buy online what you need.

You can find out more about Your Gamify on or you can check out some of the Your Gamify features we have listed here:

For easier understanding you can also see Use Cases and read the table below, where we have listed all the Your Gamify definitions.

Your GamifyIs a cloud application that focuses on creation of chained or nested contests.
CreatorYou as the owner of the Enkronos Apps account and the creator of an individual your gamify.
ParticipantParticipants are users that exist in the Enkronos apps environment and have directly participated to at least one individual contest inside the Your Gamify.
Your Gamify WebsiteRepresents an individual your gamify with a unique URL address
Your Gamify Rewards/PrizesAre prizes that are given away at the end of Your Gamify to the highest ranked participants.

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