Increase your web store traffic


How Loyalty Venue can help you in increasing your web store traffic.


A successful company is finally opening their first online web store that focuses in selling IT products. They wish to create a loyalty program (for their web store customers) that will give the customer 20 loyalty points every day, if that customer visits their web store at least once a day. The goal is to give out free coupons of 20% off for new computer purchases to those customers that reach at least 2000 loyalty points (At least 100 visits in a year).


The main goal is not only rewarding your most loyal customers, but also increasing the engagement with your customers that has been easily reached.

Steps in order to produce the required Loyalty Program:

  • Creating an account on Enkronos Apps and choosing an appropriate Billing Plan (You can do this with a free plan)
  • Choosing Loyalty Venue and Creating a Loyalty Campaign.
  • Populating the required Catalogue (Two products, 20% and 40% coupons)
  • Creating the first Auto Web Store – Integrating LV lite on your digital event of a user login in to your web store (Developer required for this step)
  • Creating a rule that checks a resource in Enkronos Apps of when the previous gain of loyalty points occurred for a specific Store Customer in Loyalty Venue (max 1 per day gain of 20 points). (Developer required for this step)
  • Communicating your new Loyalty Program on your own web store.
  • A unique implementation of a loyalty program
  • A problem of loyalty program tools solved
  • Identify your customers (Demography, Interests, personal information)
  • Engage your customers with an interactive mobile application
  • Build your users pool (Read more in DataGathering -> Users Pool)
  • Integrating the Users pool from Enkronos in to your own Web store

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