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You, as the manager of the loyalty program for your company, have the need to create a website store quickly and without any previous knowledge of how websites work? You can do that easily with Loyalty Venue. By accessing the application you have a step by step wizard where you will set up your website store with a few clicks.

At the end of the loyalty store wizard you gained a secured website at a URL address of your choice (Example: This website is a customizable loyalty store. All of the tools for customizing it are at your disposal from the Loyalty Venue administration panel.

You can find it inside the Enkronos Apps:
– Customize the color template of your store
– Change the content of logo, title, description, footer, header, etc …
– Manage the loyalty catalague, products, categories, prizes
– Manage Loyalty points, carts and orders of prizes
– Overview of customers, their interests and behaviors, carts and orders
– Overview of customers history purchases

As soon as you finnish the setup of the store, the store is visible on the specified URL address. At that time your customers can visit the address and interact with the loyalty web store. At that time the store customer can begin collecting his loyalty points and has the ability to change those loyalty points to prizes by creating orders on it.

Everything that occurs on this store is linked to one Loyalty Venue program.

Read here about the next feature Earning Loyalty Points.

For more information about Loyalty Venue please see Use Cases or contact us.

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