Types of Data gathered


Each application in Enkronos Apps gathers data for you. Depending on the type of the application and how you configured it the data can be different.

Personal Information about users is gathered through every single application and is enforced by users having to log in to one of your applications. Once the user has logged in to any of your applications it is added to your Users Pool. At that point you can observe his information on demand at any time through the use of Enkronos Apps Administration. From that point on his information is available in all applications.

Example of single user view in administration.

Demography information is gathered by the users inputting their address and by your users using Swee. You will obtain information about where your users are from and on which your location events they have participated on.

Interests and behaviour is displayed in the users information that is located in Enkronos Apps Administration. With it you can identify users that have a certain interest or identify a group of users with a certain interest (Example: group up users that like Computers and engage with them by creating new contests).

While the top data is gathered by all applications, there can be individual focuses of data gathering that can be customised to the way that is specific to your companies needs.

Contest Dream can gather information from participations about Surveys, Images, Videos, Quizes, Facebook. Each contest can also be customised to gather data that is specific to your needs with the help of tagging contests.

Loyalty Venue gathers information about how your customers interact with the Loyalty Store and its Campaign. Buying products that are tagged will build your interests and behaviour pool to identify your users much more specifically to their needs.

Swee gathers information about where your users are and Events interests. Each Event can be tagged and therefor your users pool will build on your users interests.

Example of Swee Participation Map in Swee Event dashboard.

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