You are a company that wishes to increase the engagement of your customers with your company. While Contest Dream offers many unique contest implementations, the general rule of a contest is that its primary focus will be to engage your users and obtain the data of the engagement.

You can create a contest in matter of minutes, however, a contest duration is completely up to you as the creator of the contest. When creating a contest the first and most important decision you have to make is what are the focused rules of this contest:

  • Participation Type – Choosing a type will dictate the rule of what a user has to do, in order to successfully participate to the contests event (Example: You create a contest with participation type selfie. The user will be required to insert an image of himself during the participations event).
  • Contest Type – Choosing a type will define how the contest manages the rewards and winning conditions (Example: When users participate on instantdraw, the result of a win or lose is immediately known. Also it is known what this user won as a prize).

With these rules you can create any contest you can imagine. But the goal is to create the contest that you need and with that to solve a problem that you have.


  • An idea of the contest
  • Prizes you wish to give away as awards
  • 10 minutes of your time to set it up

With these simple steps, you as the creator, can manage an advanced contest that is accessible from any device that has connection to the internet.

Not only can you reach this contest from any device, it can also be integrated to any other existing application. Contest Dream is build in the Enkronos Apps. That means that any application can integrate Contest Dream by following the RESTful API documentation.

Some examples of integration:

  • Existing web stores
  • Existing websites
  • Existing web applications (Other cloud apps, simpler applications)
  • Mobile applications (iOS, Android)
  • Instant messaging bots
  • Creating new contest like applications on the Contest Dream API stack

While Contest Dream focuses on being available everywhere, its main focus is still to create and offer the most advanced tools for contest build that exists on the market at very reasonable prices. These tools all focus on enriching the Enkronos Apps Users Pools system, that you, as a company or creator, can then use to further increase your engagement and marketing options.


  • Identify your customers (Demography, Interests, personal information)
  • Build your users pool (Read more in DataGathering -> Users Pool)
  • Engage your users with interactive and treandy design
  • Solve a specific problem of contest engagement tools
  • Continuous updating of Contest Dream
  • Following social media trends
  • Reusing the users you gained from Contest Dream in other engagements tools in Enkronos Apps (Examples: Location based events in Swee, Loyalty programs in Loyalty Venue)

Read here about the next feature Participations.

For more information about Contest Dream please see Use Cases or contact us.

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