Integrate survey and loyalty systems


How Your Gamify helped the manager of a department store in improving and automating the process of data collection from previous manual surveys and at the same time integrating their loyalty system.


The manager of a department store is in charge of identifying customers for a loyalty program and for future sale targeting. He wants to improve and automatise the process of data collection from the previous manual surveys. While at the same time keep the interest of his visitors participating to it, even while not having a real person engaging with store customers. He already has a survey he wishes to push, and his company, already has a loyalty program he wants to integrate the survey with. The loyalty program is a point collection loyalty program that sells catalogue prizes to your customers.

Requirements for a data collection and customer identification system:

  • Integrate the old loyalty system
  • Collect information regarding customer shopping behaviour
  • Identify customers
  • Export new collected user base
  • Easy access to the new application and accessible from every single possible device

Your Gamify will solve all of those difficulty requirements from a single powered dashboard environment in Enkronos Apps. Since the application is done through Enkronos Apps, you can in the future use any of Enkronos Apps to further engage your customers in a day to day basis.

Required Steps:

  • Go to Enkronos Apps (If this is your first time, you will be required to choose a billing plan and register your account)
  • Choose the application Your Gamify press on “Create new Gamify”
  • Input the title of your new Your Gamify website and the subdomain (the Subdomain is the URL of your website. You can only choose the subdomain level.
  • In the design tab you can change the appearance of your website. Changing the title, main image, description etc … (Be sure to select a good quality image, because it stretches out on big screens.)
  • Go to the prizes tab and press create new Prizes
  • Create 10000 prizes that represent 100 of your loyalty point program (These points are completely up to you. Make it so it matches your loyalty program needs)
  • Go to create contest and choose “Create new contest”.
  • The first contest you create is a Facebook participation type and instantdraw contest type. (This contest will only require the users to log in through Facebook. Your Gamify will guide them.) (Since the amount of rewards from the Ranking system is 10000, there will automatically be created 91 possible lucky points rewards as chance winning)
  • The second contest you create is a Survey contest with one question and selecting the instantdraw contest type. This question will gather the answers that your user behaviour questionnaire analysed
  • The third contest you create is a Simple contest. This contest is a reward to the participants that finished the previous ones. On this one we set again instantdraw and choose 5 max participations. Here participants can try their luck 5 times in order to gain more lucky points and reach higher levels in the ranking.
  • At this stage you are required to go to Settings and visit your website.
  • As the owner of the Your Gamify you will be required to log in first to finalise the deployment of your brand new engagement application.
  • You are in charge on how to promote your new Your Gamify. An example: Place posters where previously you had employees gather surveys. Add QR codes, so customers with smart phones can easily access Your Gamify website. QR code should point to
  • After the Your Gamify for your company ends, you are required to add loyalty points to your loyalty program (this can be done in three major ways: Automatic integration by integrating Enkronos Apps API and your application for loyalty program, third party application that focuses on integration, manual insertion of points.)
  • Integration with your existing loyalty system
  • Collect information regarding customer shopping behaviour
  • Identify your customers (Demography, Interests, personal information)
  • Build your users pool (Read more in Data Gathering -> Users Pool)
  • Access data at a later stage and export your new collected user base from the Enkronos Apps users pool
  • Easy access to the new application and accessible from every single possible device (Mobile friendly)
  • Innovative approach to engage with your customers
  • Offering a ranking/ability system so customers can compete for better loyalty prizes

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