In Your Gamify, you as the owner of the account in Enkronos Apps, have the ability to create a very complex contest system that focuses on data gathering. Where a single contest would focus on one type of data gathering, lets say photos, Your Gamify can focus on many types inside a system called Chained Contests. Users, as participants, experiences these chain contests as missions they have to accomplish in order to go through all the available individual contests. Each mission can be different from each other. Some will require you to only click on a link while others will require from you to insert a unique code you obtained while shopping.

Key features:

  • Chain contests
  • Website with an address (which you can share with your users)
  • Easy to set up
  • Ranking system
  • Data collection
  • Gamification of an Engagemeny system
  • Accessible from all devices (Mobile friendly)

Read here about the next feature Individual contests in Gamify.

For more information about Your Gamify please see Use Cases or contact us.

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