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How Swee App helped a web based company in attracting customers to their newly opened store


It happens quite often that you first try your business with a web store. A web store is much easier to start than a normal, physical store. Anyhow, after a time you decide that it is time to start also with the opening of a brand new physical store on a strategic point in your city or town. The store is yes, situated on a strategic corner in town, but at the same time you have to raise the attention and attract all the possible clientele that prefers buying from a physical store rather than a web store.


Swee is a great tool to attract a wide audience. You can start promoting your own Swee Events on your web store. In this way every web store visitor will have the chance to see there is something new and he might also try to pick up his ordered goods in your store rather than receive them by delivery. You just start with a few engaging augmented reality Swee Events and learn a lot about your customers demographics. Or, you can go further and offer them an instigating loyalty campaign and interactive and engaging contests. All of this can be done in just a few minutes of clicking through Enkronos Apps.

  • attract your customer to your new point of sale
  • raise awareness
  • engage your potential customers with an interactive mobile application
  • build your user pool
  • identify your customers (demography, interest, personal info)
  • loyalty system integration, also with the web store

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