Promote your Selfie Contest


How McAudience helped a Marketing Manager in creating an appropriate ad campaign with the required targeting.


You created a Selfie Contest, and wish to boost your brands image on social media by giving out free 2 day spa tickets.


After you complete setting up a contest (Read more about how Contest Dream works here) you can enter McAudience application and create an appropriate ad campaign with the required targeting.

Since you have a selfie contest and your company sells Android mobile phones you can choose to target people that show at least one of the following interests: Contests, Android. Doing this will increase the potential of your add campaign. The better the add campaign the more information you will receive about those users who engage with the Contest Dream selfie contest.

  • You solve a problem of creating a Contest with advanced tools
  • You target a specific Audience
  • You gain information about the people who interact with the contest
  • Your Users Pool grows, so all other applications from Enkronos Apps that you own will benefit from this

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