With McAudience solution you can use influencer marketing tools to create and maintain an audience of people with predefined and tailor made characteristics.

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For easier understanding you can also see Use Cases (link) and read the table below, where we have listed all the McAudience definitions.

McAudienceMcAudience is an Enkronos solution that structures and executes marketing activities, involving the use of Enkronos Apps platform, an exclusive multi-application environment for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions.
Creator and / or InfluencerA person with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending the items on social media.
Influencer MarketingInfluencer marketing is a relationship between a brand (you) and an influencer. The influencer promotes the brand’s products or services through various media outlets such as Instagram and YouTube. Not to be confused with celebrity endorsements, influencer marketing does more than just attach a well-known celebrity to a brand. Influencers must be trusted figures within a niche community and retain a loyal following. In addition, they typically possess knowledge or experience about what they are advertising.

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