Creating the first campaign


You have a clear information you wish to communicate with a number of targeted people? And the way you wish to communicate it, is to create ads on popular platforms, or by using the Enkronos Apps Segmentation? You can do that with McAudience by following some simple steps:

  1. First step will help you choose the trending interests. You can also use any interest you wish that the add campaign will focus on (Example: You wish to focus on an audience that likes “Cars”).
  2. Second step will help you choose what engagement application you wish to use with the add campaign (Example: You can promote your loyalty venue catalogue to individuals that like “Cars”).
  3. Third step asks you what platform you wish to engage your potential new clients. (Example: Creating a Facebook add campaign)
  4. Fourth step will guide you and offer you help to create the Add campaign on the specific platform.

McAudience has a unique ability to offer you, not only help by creating the add campaign but also, all of the Enkronos Apps. You have the tools to promote engagement techniques, such as contest, loyalty campaigns, events, to a large audience.

Explore more about McAudience in Use Cases or go to the next feature Re-engagement.

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