When you start using Loyalty Venue, a special web store can be opened with minimal effort. After you have inserted the products and set their prices, just pick a subdomain and your store will be ready. You can even change its look.

Your customers can then use their points acquired through a code snippet we give you (called LV Lite, read more here) or via unique codes you give them.

  • You can enable and disable the store at any time.
  • Any change you make to your catalogue (products etc.) is immediately seen in store.
  • Name your store and pick a suitable subdomain for it.
  • Contact us if you need help or have any questions.

You can register freely to our Enkronos Apps and start to create your loyalty campaign from Loyalty Venue App.

Web page for consumers

  • The website for consumers may be realized with any custom design: the Client may provide us the design to implement (PSD files), or, on request, the design will be provided by one of our specialized partners.
  • Landing page (Home with scrollable area)
  • A content management system that allow Client autonomous website content management (for example, the creation of static pages, blogs, articles, etc.)
  • “Share button” for Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • An online shop which will be automatically built from the resources Shop developed in the API system.
  • A shopping cart that will generate the basket for the order.
  • Profile page for the Consumer, where he can consult his points balance, his orders, the history of points and other information that may be enabled in the future.
  • Responsive Design for consulting the website from smartphone and / or tablet.
  • An area of redeem points, where users can enter their unique codes that will find in the products in promotion and turn them into points.

To create your loyalty store, simply click “login” button, register first your account and start your forever free plan.


  • Create your site with a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Manage your e-Shop product catalog (you can do it directly, or through our support).
  • Create products in promotion: import of existing products with related codes, creation of new products associated with existing codes, creation of new products with new codes.
  • A login system for the Client admin area
  • Management of Products in the catalog, with all the related information and the logic of positioning in the catalog.
  • Reporting system for generating and downloading reports, including customer data, product codes etc.

Simply click “login” button, register first your account and start your forever free plan.

Discover all the features here and the use cases here.

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