Horeca is an acronym that refers to a food service industry sector that sells food and/or beverages. The word Horeca itself combines the first two letters of the words: HOtel, REstaurant, CAfé, or HOtel, REstaurants, CAtering (depending on who you ask).

Good to know: Tipping at a restaurant in Iceland is considered an insult.

Thanks to the booming tourism industry around the world, the future of Horeca looks very promising. However, with competition becoming cut-throat, it is getting more and more difficult to attract customers as well as retain reliable and motivated employees.

Enkronos solutions can be applied also to the Horeca segment. Let´s see how this can be done.

Every person can be your new customer!

Everyone takes a drink or a coffee in a bar once in a while (or everyday!). Just like everyone takes a pizza or eats dinner in a restaurant. What we are trying to say is that everyone can be your potential client you just have to use the right mechanism to intercept this person.

Swee is a great tool to attract a wide audience. You can start promoting your own Swee Event on your bar/restaurant/hotel location. Or where ever you want! Read more here  or here.

ENGAGING CURRENT CUSTOMERS and they will return again

You should award your current customers for their loyalty. With Your Gamify you can create all sorts of competitions, as well as surveys about customer satisfaction in order to reward the ones who completed it. Since the application is done through Enkronos Apps, you can in the future use any of Enkronos Apps to further engage your customers in a day to day basis. Read more here.

HOW TO PROMOTE YOUR bar/restaurant/hotel?
  • With Contest Dream you can create and play different types of contests. By creating a contest you can promote your product, service or brand. You can click here and explore more about contests or go here and check some of Contest Dream´s Use Cases.
  • With Your Gamify nested or chained contests. Your Gamify is a user friendly, step-by-step app that gives you the opportunity to build your own landing page with simple or chained competitions. Explore more about Your Gamify here or check some of the Use Cases here.
  • With Loyalty Store loyalty cards, loyalty points and other loyalty features. Loyalty Venue is a cloud application that offers the ability of a full loyalty campaign management. Explore more about Loyalty Venue here or check some of the Use Cases here.

These are just a few examples how Enkronos Apps can help you. If you have a specific challenge that is not mention here, please contact us. We will be glad to help in finding the best possible solution for you needs.



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