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The public sector is the part of the economy composed of both public services and public enterprises. Public services include public goods and governmental services such as the military, police,  infrastructure (public roads, bridges, tunnels, water supply, sewers, electrical grids, telecommunications, etc.), public transit, public education, along with health care and those working for the government itself, such as elected officials (Source).

Interesting facts: Already since 2000, income tax returns can be submitted electronically in Estonia, and what’s more, the system automatically calculates everything you need to know about your taxes.

The public sector is a significant part of the economy. Therefore, any improvement in public sector performance would have an effect on economic growth and reduce stress on fiscal policy. Most problems of the public sector arise from the cost inefficiency, the slowness of the state apparatus and the unwillingness to adopt technological innovations.

Can our apps help the public sector? We think yes.

Encourage better use of information to support good decision-making with enkronos Crypto State

Till now the first sector to have explored the possibilities of the technology blockchain application is  financial, with banks, investment banks, financial markets and insurance companies that have played and are playing a pioneering role. Equally interesting appear the possibilities of use in government services, as it will be with the release of Crypto State in Enkronos Apps. For example, its use will vary from the digital citizenship and residence to the electoral system, from the tax system to health, state and social services.

Crypto State is a blockchain based application for the digitalization of an entire country or region, with the goals of easing everyone’s life with day-to-day tasks, actions and decisions. The main resource are the people and the people will be empowered by this concept with reduced time on mundane tasks that happen in real life. Crypto State will be available as prototype and the release on Enkronos Apps is scheduled in Q2 2019.

The goal of the digital concept of a country is that it can be implemented everywhere and offer everyone the level of information which is required for their service or business processes to function correctly.

A second concept realized by Crypto-State app is the creation a chain of information between every institution and company in the country that has the means of creating their own infrastructures of data which is linked to the user and offer it separately to others that need it.

The entire logic of Crypto State will be divided into smaller applications, where each segment will have unique sense. Dividing a complex concept will allow the application to be built faster and less  complicated while keeping the same complexity structure of the problem.

The main API will be the backbone of the application. Its function will be to create a communication channel between raw data and every separated implementation of a problem. This will allow outside applications to access the raw data which they have authorized access to, while at the same time keeping the data secure. The API will serve data to every client accessing it. It will be the application clients job to understand the data and to make it into human understandable information.

The data in which all applications will require is the data of Users. The API will offer verified and authorized data to these Users resource to all its applications. However, the Users themselves have the ability to deny certain aspects of what the applications will obtain. The main strength will be that the users themselves will have the power to manage what applications can see their data. This means that the people on the other side of the applications will only see the amount of data that the E-Resident has given them. However, this does not mean that the third party application won’t be able to function. This only means that both, the third-party application and the user using that application will only receive the needed information in order to know, whether this user is eligible to obtain their services.

Applications will be able to gain access to the API by submitting a request inside their account configuration portal. With a successful request, the owner of the application, the company, will receive all the required information (access to configuration section of application token management) in order to successfully integrate Crypto State in their existing application, or creating a new one.

Crypto State represents the future of our apps. The present situation are our other great apps that can also be implemented and used in public sector organisations. Discover all of our apps here.

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