SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are businesses whose personnel numbers fall below certain limits. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 99% of all businesses in the EU (Source).

Did you know that The New York Stock Exchange started as a coffee shop?

In the internet and mobile world, SMEs face unique motivation and barriers in their e-commerce and online strategy. SMEs find an “enhanced company brand and corporate image” to be the most important e-commerce advantage, whereas “doubts about the security and privacy” is the most important barrier for SMEs to have an e-commerce and online strategy.

Let´s see how Enkronos can help SMEs CEOs at being ambidextrous at tasks in order to balance many things at the same time.

How to promote your product or service?
  • With Contest Dream you can create and play different types of contests. By creating a contest you can promote your product, service or brand. You can click here and explore more about contests or go here and check some of Contest Dream´s Use Cases.
  • With Your Gamify nested or chained contests. Your Gamify is a user friendly, step-by-step app that gives you the opportunity to build your own landing page with simple or chained competitions. Explore more about Your Gamify here or check some of the Use Cases here.
  • With Loyalty Store loyalty cards, loyalty points and other loyalty features. Loyalty Venue is a cloud application that offers the ability of a full loyalty campaign management. Explore more about Loyalty Venue here or check some of the Use Cases here.
How to incorporate a loyalty system with an engagement system?

Loyalty Venue Program can be interpreted by different applications at the same time. You, as the manager of the loyalty program can also integrate Swee app and upgrade your loyalty campaign to a higher level. This way you can create a Swee Event with the wanted location and choosing the Event as Loyalty Venue. For more detail please click here and check out our use case.

How to check customer feedback on your service or the product you are selling?

You are the owner of a department store and you would like to improve and automate the process of data collection from previous manual surveys and at the same you would like to integrate your loyalty system in order to keep the interest of his visitors participating to it. Your Gamify will solve all of those difficulty requirements from a single powered dashboard environment in Enkronos Apps. Since the application is done through Enkronos Apps, you can in the future use any of Enkronos Apps to further engage your customers in a day to day basis. Read more here.

How to attract new customers or users?

It happens quite often that you first try your business with a web store. A web store is much easier to start than a normal, physical store. Anyhow, after a time you decide that it is time to start also with the opening of a brand new physical store on a strategic point in your city or town. The store is yes, situated on a strategic corner in town, but at the same time you have to raise the attention and attract all the possible clientele that prefers buying from a physical store rather than a web store.

Swee is a great tool to attract a wide audience. You can start promoting your own Swee Event on your web store. Read more here.

Do you need a solid partner to develop your business idea?

We have the services you need to start your new business idea. From Digital Consultancy to MVP Building. We can also help you in starting your own ICO or we can build a Cloud App for you. Or you can take advantage of ENK App Building and leverage from a centralized data gathering ecosystem, that is universal to each user engagement application.

These are just a few examples how Enkronos Apps can help SMEs. If you have a specific challenge that is not mention here, please contact us. We will be glad to help in finding the best possible solution for you needs.





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