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A technology company (often tech company) is a type of business entity that focuses primarily on the development and manufacturing of technology, or providing technology as a service. This can include, for example, business relating to digital electronics, software, and internet-related services, such as e-commerce services (Source).

With $265 billions of revenue Apple Inc. is the world’s largest technology company according to Fortune Global 500 magazine.

If Facebook had been using Enkronos Apps maybe Cambridge Analytica case would never happen. Is this statement a little too confident? Very likely, yes. But what we are trying to say here is that also the big guns have security flaws – that means that we must always strive for the maximum possible security (from every perspective) in the development of our applications.

According to a 2016 study by Gigamon, 97% of all companies have been breached to some degree or another, and it takes an average of 120 days to detect a breach. In addition, the number of attack vectors continues to grow, creating more entry points to secure. Companies are laser-focused on establishing the right network of partners and vendors, and speeding up detection and resolution time for a security breach.

This is why Enkronos is now developing a Blockchain-based accountability system that ensures ethical behavior, complete protection of personal data and privacy and then it is the solution to often unsolved problems and unanswered questions such as lack of respect of ethical conduct in data driven projects, issues about protection of personal data and privacy, platform and app development high cost and low financial efficiency.

All the applications share a unified authentication system (SSO) and have a unique Credit Ethics System, thanks to the use of the blockchain. The apps are also GDPR compliant and they aim to respect  Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) Level 3 (the highest).

You can simply create an account in Enkronos Apps and discover all our applications or first go throught our extensive knowledge base here.


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