Announcing Enkronos ICO Crowdsale

We started doing something that was necessary. Now, we are doing what is possible to do with the inputs we have. And tomorrow … tomorrow we will be doing something, that today seems impossible.

Tomorrow, 18th September 2018 at exactly 15:00 CET we will start Enkronos ICO Crowdsale!

Enkronos Applications are driven by a focus to centralize the entire concept of companies engaging with their consumers. Multiple applications, with each having a unique approach to engage their users, create an environment where the creators can quickly publish complex solutions. Each solution solves a different problem that, not only answers a specific issue for the company or the creator of the solution, but also reduces the time required to do this to a bare minimum.

We are really looking forward to this great achievement and we would like to remember you just a few facts about tomorrow´s event.

The Crowdsale begins at h15:00 CET and in the next 12 hours you are eligible to different bonuses! The earlier you contribute, the higher the bonus is:

  • 0 to 3 Hours: 8% bonus
  • 3 to 6 Hours: 4% bonus
  • 6 to 12 Hours: 2% bonus
  • after 12 Hours: regular price 1 ENK token = 0,003 ETH

Minimum contribution is 0,1 ETH.

For more information you are invited to visit our ICO web page -> <- or you can send us an email to

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By spela.mermolja

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