Enkronos Apps new login design

With the new patch we finally changed our login front page, that is now more in line with our new company graphic design. The Enkronos Apps login is available here: https://apps.enkronos.com/#/login 

What are Enkronos Apps?

Our platform technology is based on Ethereum blockchain credit system that disables any chance of fraud, censorship or third-party interference. Multiple applications, each having a unique approach to engage their users, create an environment where creators can quickly publish complex solutions. Each solution solves a different problem that, not only answers a specific issue for the company or the creator of the solution, but also reduces the time required to do this, to a bare minimum.

Why Enkronos Apps?


All applications of the environment use a centralized single sign-in (SSO) system. This removes any authentication or data authorization issues that an application could have and eases the use of all applications throughout the world of Enkronos Apps.


Enkronos Apps are compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and respect Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) third level of web security standardization as provided by the OWASP protocol.


We created three unique smart contracts and deployed them on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each contract solves an important part in the bigger picture of realizing a fully decentralized payment and important data ledger eco system inside our Enkronos Apps.

Never used Enkronos Apps? No problem. You just have to create yourself an account and start using one or more apps that are available on the platform. For more information about Enkronos Apps please contact us on marketing@enkronos.com.

Enkronos Marketing Team

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