This is a customer heatmap from a real life loyalty program, that was performed in the Italian territory.

Loyalty Venue is a cloud loyalty campaign builder that allows you or anyone that is managing the loyalty program a never ending access from all devices. The loyalty program can be offered on all possible devices that have access to the internet and an internet browser.

Becase it is a cloud application, it gives your loyalty program the ability to spread across the internet by integrating multiple third party applications such as Facebook and #Twitter for promotions. You can also integrate Loyalty Venue with pre existing loyalty programs.

The customer heatmap will give you a useful graphic view on the geographical location of where your customers are. It is available in the Loyalty Venue admin panel in the Customers segment. The map can be opened in full screen mode so you can really see all the details of your Customers locations.

Loyalty Venue admin view (some data is hidden for data protection reasons)

You, as the promotion manager, can also open the map in “Markers” mode. In that case the map will be populated with users as little man icons (if there is only one customers in that area) or a number that indicates the number of users in that area.  You can always magnify the map to the point where you see every individual Customer. And what is more – when you click on a specific customer the system immediately opens the customers file where you can see all the info about that customer: personal information, recent orders, shopping cart, wallet, statistics and logins.

Customers map is populated with markers

We also added this kind of heatmap (and much more) in the Users Segmentation section in Enkronos Apps.  Stay tuned for more detailed info about how to create a User Segmentation – a very powerful tool that can help in boosting your marketing actions.

Example of heatmap in Users Segmentation section (some data is hidden for data protection reasons)

If you want to know more about Loyalty Venue please visit www.loyaltyvenue.com or simply write us an email to marketing@enkronos.com.

Enkronos Marketing Team

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