Augmented reality filter: how to use it for your business?

Augmented reality filters are a sensation! Brands have understood this and have decided to take advantage of this new technology to support their growth. But to succeed in using augmented reality to highlight your products and convey a powerful and positive brand image, here are a few tips to follow!

Augmented Reality Filter: How to take advantage of it?

1. What is an Augmented Reality filter?

Before putting in place an action plan to help you use augmented reality filters in an impactful way, let’s take a look at the possibilities available to you.

You can choose to cosplay and try on your products: glasses, helmets, clothes, hats… Thanks to augmented reality filters, the user lifts the brakes on buying by wearing your products directly and is instantly seduced!

With 3D configurators, make the real world your playground: unite your audience around contests and challenges. Special effects and animated 3D objects accompany you to help you immerse the prospect in your universe and offer him a fun and unique experience. To make a lasting impression, there’s no doubt that augmented reality filters are the way to go!

Thanks to AR presentations, the future buyer sees the product as if he were already in his own home: he discovers how to arrange his interior by projecting the image of a piece of furniture, a sofa or a bed and changes the colors to find the one that will suit his home. To reassure the buyer, the filters are there!

2. Define your objectives

To take full advantage of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook filters, you need to set goals beforehand. The idea is to create augmented reality filters that will captivate your current community and allow you to grow it through the many shares. To do this, ask yourself two questions:

  • What image do you want to share?
  • Creating new filters is an opportunity for the brand to redefine its image. Give a vision of itself that is more chic, more elegant, more original, more fun: it’s up to you to see what can, from a marketing point of view, give your image a boost.
  • What action do you want to trigger in the prospect?
  • A drive to store? An online purchase? A download?

Because yes, the creation will depend on the challenges you set yourself.

According to our clients and our own experience as a VR-AR company, visitors are curious when they see a VR stand or an original animation. A number of passers-by will slow down in front of your stand and others will stop, curious to see what you are offering. You will stand out from the background noise and attract the attention of visitors, simply by offering this type of workshop.

The effect is increased tenfold when they see someone trying the experience and can see the content on your famous big screen! Visitors stop and are more receptive to your speech while they wait for their turn. This will allow you to engage with them to identify their needs and possibly offer your services if they are relevant.

3. Take advantage of the wave of new designers

In order to successfully use this trend of augmented reality filters to your brand’s advantage, you can start by taking advantage of the emerging wave of new creators. Since this is a booming sector, you can count on these young artists, many of whom were born with the new technologies and know them better than anyone. They have no secrets for them, and they know exactly what makes a filter successful. Thanks to this new wave of creators, who sometimes already federate a large community on social networks, you can give visibility to your brand with audacity!

To be sure to have a professional and precise accompaniment of your project, entrust your creation to a dynamic and recognized agency: get to know our team! Surrounding yourself with a high level of know-how is essential for a strategy that works.

4. Do not set any limits!

If there is one rule to follow when a brand wants to create its augmented reality filter, it is to set no limits. Because yes, boldness pays off! The watchword? Creativity! To catch the eye of users and make them adhere to your brand, originality is a must. Interactive mini-games or contests: let yourself be carried away by augmented reality filters to create a buzz and entertain your audience. To boost the number of shares and mentions of your brand, play with hashtag challenges and differentiate yourself from the competition by being ahead of the game!

This technology is an opportunity for you to get noticed, to attract curiosity: use colors, 3D worlds and special effects to transport your prospects to a unique experience that they will remember, and that they will want to share with as many people as possible!

Would you like to get more information about augmented reality filters and implement it to your business? Contact our experienced team today.

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