Augmented Reality Filters As “Drive to Store” Tools

To generate quality in-store traffic, drive-to-store strategies must be carefully implemented. Since today there are many tools available to companies to drive such a strategy, it is essential to succeed in standing out from the crowd.

In order to achieve this, the Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook filters are an indispensable tool that must be learned to use correctly.

So, how can you boost your drive to store strategy with augmented reality filters? What techniques can attract a web user to the heart of your point of sale? Let’s take a look at these tools that your brand can no longer ignore!

The drive to store strategy: what is it?

The drive to store strategy consists in moving a targeted individual in a physical point of sale, in order to make him or her make a purchase. To achieve this, several techniques can be implemented: couponing, contests, or geo-localized campaigns. But recently, a new technique has enabled companies to implement a particularly effective drive-to-store strategy: augmented reality filters.

Available on Snapchat, on Instagram and on Facebook, these filters can take several forms: face filters, 3D special effects, animated objects, contests… The solutions to make prospects want to go to the store to discover your brand, your values and your innovation are numerous!

For example, Sephora has used several strategies to attract customers at the point of sale. The brand partnered with Snapchat to create a set of Snapchat geolocation filters targeting Sephora stores in the territory.

The filter was available in the Snapchat application’s filter carousel when the user was physically at the point-of-sale, with a chance to win a gift certificate. Customers could enter every day for a chance to win!

Targeted ads on the social network allowed the target audience to learn about the promotion and how to proceed.

Promote your products with augmented reality filters

Augmented reality filters help brands attract prospects and customers to the store through a variety of strategies. For starters, you can use these filters to directly promote a product available in-store.

With this immersive technology, you can help the customer project themselves with your products. Do you sell furniture? AR filters allow you to place a sofa, a cupboard or a chest of drawers in the heart of your prospect’s home. You sell decoration? The idea is the same: show the prospect what his interior will look like with your objects, your tapestries, your floors! This will allow him to have a clear vision of what your products can bring to his interior. The result? Customers come to the heart of your store, with an already precise idea of what they want: less margin for error, and an undeniable saving of time and effort for brands!

Attract the curiosity of your community

With augmented reality filters, it’s time for creativity and audacity! To boost your drive to store strategy, opt for filters that attract the curiosity of your community. The idea? To intrigue them, so that they want to come to the heart of your store, to discover your universe.

To achieve this, there is no shortage of solutions. You can opt for a contest that can be unlocked in-store: this is the strategy that Sephora decided to follow, with a contest that was a great success during the Christmas holidays. To participate, the user had to go to Sephora stores and open the Snapchat application and its filter carousel. Once in place, the objective was simple: to go looking for an augmented reality Christmas star in the store! And facing the star, users could try their luck by taking part in a contest to win a 1500-euro voucher. Enough to attract the attention of Internet users, isn’t it?

To succeed in getting users to move to your point of sale, it is essential to create contests, mini-games and unique and interactive challenges. The big plus point of this strategy? Few brands have embarked on the creation of augmented reality mini games on social networks. By committing yourself to this path and fine-tuning your filter to make it truly amazing and daring, you become a pioneer and mark your difference: it is indeed at home that customers will move, and not at your competitors’!

Augmented reality to develop the potential of your point of sale

Augmented reality can also help you to strengthen the potential of your point of sale. It is for example the strategy used by some car manufacturers. In a dealership, it is difficult for the customer to imagine all the available combinations: options, wheels, panoramic roof, interior atmosphere, colors… The idea pursued by augmented reality. That the customer realizes the car of his dreams by taking his time, quietly at home. And when he knows exactly what he wants for his future vehicle, he can, still thanks to social networks, book a test drive and finalize his purchase!

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