Cloud Computing for developers: what can it bring?

The arrival of Cloud Computing technology has brought with it great advantages, both for the individual user and for professionals. The latter have benefited from elements such as the ubiquity of access to information or the capacity for growth of cloud systems.

There is a sector, strongly linked to technology, that can make the most of the resources offered by Cloud Computing, both in its daily work and in the product it offers: we are talking about developers or programmers.

The programming field had already been using on-line resources since the appearance and extension of high-speed Internet connections. But with the rise of Cloud Computing, we can count on a development platform in the cloud that covers all the needs of project development, whether it is a mobile app, a web application or more complex cases such as the implementation of a backend.

Version control

Although third-party services are usually used to perform version control in software projects, Cloud Computing technology allows us to have our own GIT repository for greater security in the development of applications in the cloud.

This allows us to have greater control over the storage of the versions of our projects, in addition to not being limited by the restrictions of external applications.

In addition, Cloud Computing solutions for application development have additional integrated services, such as file storage or online backup, which will greatly facilitate the programming of our apps.

Tools for collaboration

In the development of cloud applications of a certain size, it will be common for several programmers to work together. Therefore, in addition to the version control mentioned above, tools that allow the different project developers and other team members to collaborate, even if they are not physically located in the same place, will be essential.

From messaging or video-calling applications, to annotations in the source code, to the execution of an application in real time visible from two different terminals: cloud development tools facilitate collaborative work.

Fully customizable environments

Cloud computing servers are available for application development with a high degree of customization. This allows developers to implement the resources required for each project, for example, the type of databases to be used or the file system.

This level of customization is applicable both to the development environment for the programmers themselves, as well as to the cloud servers that will be used by the developed applications themselves.

IDEs in the cloud

Every master has his own book, just as every programmer has his own development program: the IDEs (Integrated Development Environment). Installing them can be a hassle, and sometimes the characteristics of a project will mean that we will have to reconfigure them. There will even be cases in which we will have to completely change programming software because a new application requires it.

Cloud Computing development allows us to install our IDE on a remote server, being able to access it from any computer.

Ubiquity for programming

To the above mentioned point of the ability to have a development program in the cloud, we can add other resources and tools specific to the sector (for example, a compiler or a debugger).

Cloud technology allows programmers to work on any terminal with an Internet connection with all the resources available at all times.

Test environments

Before moving to the production stage, a software project must pass several validations and testing phases that simulate the real context in which the application will “live”.

Cloud development platforms allow us to have a test environment identical and parallel to the production environment in which to deploy our projects for testing.


Both during the development and implementation of software projects, Cloud Computing services are fully scalable, allowing the consumption of more resources during periods of increased activity or due to the growth of the application itself. In addition, we will only pay for those resources used.

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