Create your new exciting Gacha Mobile Game with our wonderful gaming engine

Hi folks, here we have some exciting news!

Yes, finally we made it and now you can start your gaming dreams.

Any company with its existing products will have many possibilities of creating wonderful Gacha Mobile games, which would allow its brands and partners to reach an ever growing amount of an audience that is based on different demographic channels.

Popular Gacha games are dominating the Western and Eastern gaming markets through the use of clever addicting and continuous gaming concepts while relying on the influence and power of both strong publishing/marketing and game streamers through youtube and twitch.

Enkronos is then your ideal tech/gaming company since we have created an in-house engine on top of Unity for a Gacha game. Our engine can be released on Android, iOS, Windows and more!

Let’s see an example, soccer!

In that case your Soccer Gacha game can have:

  • Anime 2d/3d (eastern) or Lowpoly (western) graphics
  • Summoning concept for Soccer Players (Item mall gacha Focus)
  • Allowing players to manage their own Soccer Teams inside their Stadiums (Stadium would be the home and management area of the players)
  • Players can battle other AI driven or Player driven soccer teams
  • Real time Player Versus Player soccer battle that would focus on Short and Fast battles with other players (Turn based implementation of Soccer)
  • Many customization of player skins, team clothes (Item mall gacha Focus)
  • Equipping soccer players with unique gear (clothes) to boost their statistics (Item mall gacha focus)
  • And many other daily progress concepts that would retain the player even further every day

We have the experience. We have the Engine to build this solution fast and we can deliver this product fast!

The example shown only one type of a Gacha game, we can create any that you would need depending on the type of your popular products. These products can be physical (collectible tokens) or digital (other gacha games) and integrated them or create powerful and alluring Crossover gacha implementations.

Gacha game that we develop could have a crossover event with other kind of games, basing on your actual products and line of business.

Contact us for more details or to design your next Gacha Game Project!

Enkronos Marketing Team

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