Create your Prize Contests and your Loyalty Promotions from one single simple dashboard

If you have to organize prize contests or Loyalty promotional campaigns, thanks to Enkronos platform development, now you can do it from a simple control dashboard.

Prize Contests

Contest Dream let you to easily organize prize contests for every need:

    • National Contests. Promotions organized in a particular state.
    • International Contests. Promotions organized in two or more states at the same time
    • Contests B2C. Contests which involve the participation of final consumers.
    • Contests B2B. In this case the target could be a particular sector of companies, that the company wants to involve ad award since they are their clients or prospects.
    • Incentive Contests that involve, for example sales departments or resellers..
    • Company Contests. Contests open to participation only for the employees of a company.

Contest Dream platform enables the widest possibilities of publication, in line with your communication objectives:

    • On Contest Dream platform: This option requires only the simple signing of a subscription. Each contest can be published on website directly from your business account of Contest Dream.
    • Embedded in any web site: this option requires only a simple subscription to a plan. Each contest can be published on any web site, simply embedding a code row that can be copied and pasted from your Contest Dream account.
    • On a customized micro-site: this is an add-on option that can be ordered at the special price of 990.00 € (+ vat) see example
    • On a customized complex web site: this is an option that can be created with a simple subscription to a plan developing any kind of web site connected to Contest Dream Platform by our API system with an apptoken key you can find in your Contest Dream account (see example).
    • On Facebook: this option requires only a simple subscription to a plan. Each contest can be published directly on Facebook from your Contest Dream account.

    On any other social media: this option requires only a simple subscription to a plan. Each contest can be published directly on any social network simply sharing its link.

You can organize contests with all of the game mechanisms already existing in the platform capabilities, or you can order your personal custom feature made for your promotional contest.
Get in touch today for all information about Contest Dream or subscribe online and create a contest yourself.

Loyalty Campaigns

Enkronos now offers also the new Loyalty Venue platform that allows companies to easily create their own loyalty campaigns  to reward their most loyal customers.

The brands will engage their loyalty promotions and their loyalty card to the Loyalty Venue system and doing so, secure “virtual” scores, which give the right to prizes, according to a catalog.

End users will be able to access the site dedicated to the loyalty campaign to upload their points and order awards from the catalog according to their scores, or even with the advance formula of anticipated points

The entire site of Loyalty campaign could be realized easily directly from the dedicated admin panel from which the company (either directly, or through our consultancy service) can program content, associated scores to promotional products, awards catalog their scores and any payment systems, as well as view and download all the data, and reports on their loyalty campaign.

Loyalty Venue is based on an architecture that includes an integration component with functional modules and internal and external services, based on RESTful API technology, for users with SSO authentication (single sign-on).

The technology also allows extensive customization that may be required by the existence of particular constraints or systems used by customers.

Contact us today for any information about Loyalty Venue.


Gianluca Busato

CEO – Enkronos d.o.o.

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