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Developer Blog: 0.1.9 October

A good two weeks has passed since the last developer update and what a fortnight it was! Since the last I spoke to you guys Journey Online has started its closed alpha and we had quite a few people trying it out and giving us feedback. The alpha testing started with the patch 0.1.8, which was released on the same day as alpha opened. The focus of that update was improving the gameplay and to create a small system for events. The Events systems focus was mostly on the API side, however, at the same time I wanted to get some actual feedback from how it will act with players. I  pushed for the Monthly Login events and squeezed them in literally the same day as the closed alpha was open to its testers. As everyone knows, doing that is always really smart (saaaaarcaaaasm) since what could possibly go wrong :). Never the less it needed some fixes and still needs some fixes after the 0.1.9.

Two weeks in to the alpha test I prepared another update. The 0.1.9 updates focus was the improvement of our Barmaid in the guild hall.

The barmaid, called Diana, will help out all of our new players to get started. She will explain key features of the game while trying to push you forward to experience Journey Online. Another major feature was added, however, mostly to the API side. This feature is one of the first key elements that will create the majority of the content at the release of the game. Its focus was to implement 5 tiers of different base equipment that players will obtain from hunting in fields or exploring around the real world. While these items can’t be obtained in the game at the moment, all alpha tester accounts were spawned with at least a few of them so they can give it a test.

At the same time as the equipment was created I also added the element of level requirements on items and improved the item view window. Level requirements will define the raw power of each adventurer depending on what level gear he can equip. This was higher level adventures will have an advantage over the lower level adventurers.

As mentioned in the previous blog the key focus till the end of December will be improvements on the core gameplay experience and all the systems that are currently already implemented. However, improvements wont be the only thing that I will focus on. As Journey Online is reaching a soft release in to open beta on the Google play store I am preparing enough content so that Adventurers will be able to progress all the way to level 20. There are plans to add 3 more monster themes. Each monster theme will also be represented by a unique Monster Field. Another thing I am preparing is a plan on how players will have to progress through tiers to first reach level 20 and start their preparations on obtaining the rarest gear types.

Journey Online new logo.

These features will come in two updates. The first update will most likely be released in two weeks as a regular periodic update and the big major one will be released at the start of December.

Predicted content for patch 0.1.10: Daily quests, Squad Chat, bug fixes
Predicted content for patch 0.2.0: Progress content for open beta, if time battle formation consumables

That about sums up the future goals for Journey Onlines challenge to reach Open Beta. As a surprise to anyone who read this far – The feedback from alpha testers clearly pointed towards the likeness of location based cooperative play, that is why, the first major update after 0.2.0 will be Cooperative focus Raid dungeons in the real world with geo location. These raid dungeons will follow the concepts written down in the previous blog, with an addition, of players having a difficulty gauge that will increase the reward and difficulty for players with more skill while at the same time pushing them to the limit of what strategy can offer.

Jure Veler, Enkronos CTO

For more info about Journey Online please visit or

If you want to learn more about Enkronos apps just explore our new content page, where you can also read about all our features and use cases.


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Enkronos launches Journey Online, a new Cooperative MMO location based gaming app

It is with great pleasure that Enkronos ( announces a great news about its Enkronos Apps platform ( we published Journey Online (, a new Location Based + AI gaming app that goes beyond the results of basic of previous LB games.

Journey Online is a cooperative turn based real time strategy game focused on bringing the gameplay outside in the real world. It brings players together in order to beat difficult AI driven opponents or separate them in to teams and let the compete against each other.

The games main focus is to generate difficult strategy based content which allows players, not only to experience it inside their homes, but also letting them enjoy this content outside with friends. Catering not only to advance players, but also to casual players by creating a warm and friendly environment to experience the game outside or inside your home.

Some Game Concepts include:

  • Massively multiplayer online game (MMO) — Players can to interact with each other all over the world.
  • Turn based strategy game — The game offers difficult content to players with advance strategy play in real time.
  • Localization — Not only online multiplayer, but the game offers local play with bonuses in different real life locations.
  • Mobile gameplay — The game runs on android and iOS devices.

Journey Online has now entered the alpha stage of development.

Gianluca Busato, CEO of Enkronos, said: “For Enkronos this is a really huge achievement, since now we entered the gaming sector with a totally new concept of massively multiplayer online game. We kept it secret also in the roadmap of our ICO, since we wanted to create a great surprise for everyone. Many observers are wondering how we can develop so many apps and solutions in such a short time and the answer is that we built a really high skilled and competitive dream team and technology that are simply realizing what nobody could think we were capable of. Journey Online enriches Enkronos Apps and Enkronos Apps give to Journey Online a broader extension that couldn’t have obtained without. This is the secret of Enkronos Apps, a unique multi-application ecosystem with a fully trusted Blockchain credit system”.

By the end of August, the game will open to everyone who has a valid Facebook account and signs up for the closed alpha testing by visiting

Jure Veler, in charge as Chief Technology Officer of Enkronos, commented: “Its been a long year since the beginning of development, but the concept of a game like this, a co-operative strategy game that you can play with your friends anywhere, not just in your room on a PC, but having it with you at all times, has been with me since my youth. I’ve never been much of a social person, sports never interested me much and I will always have fond memories of playing games throughout my childhood, but I believe the biggest change was my discovery of the online gaming world and its communities, with competitive multiplayer games like Sudden Strike 2 or MMORPGS like Ultima Online, that really opened my eyes to a diffrent kind of social bonding, one that I experienced in a host of other games since then. By overcoming difficulties in the virtual world with people I’ve never met before, I would make more friends then ever, forming ties that hold strong even today”.

Enkronos Marketing Team



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Something great is going on! Enkronos and HODL Finance have reached a partnership agreement

We are excited to announce a great milestone in our development!

HODL Finance and Enkronos – the unique data driven multi-application platform for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions – has reached a partnership agreement.

About Hodl Finance:
HODL Finance is a leading financial services company for the age of new digital economy. Serving clients around the world, HODL Finance issues loans, while accepting cryptocurrencies, partner tokens, and other digital assets as collateral.
Enkronos token (ENK) will be another partner token to be accepted as collateral for crypto-backed loans from HODL Finance.

“More and more participants of the new digital economy can now enjoy the benefits of crypto-backed loans. ENK token holders will be able to get a crypto-backed loan when providing their token as collateral. We’re opening the doors for every ENK token holder to get a quick, untaxed, safe crypto-backed loan 24/7 from HODL Finance”, Vytautas Zabulis, MD at HODL Finance celebrates.

“Our team is committed to providing the best opportunities and value to our token holders. Accepting ENK token as collateral to get a crypto-backed loan is another proof of that commitment. We’re happy that HODL Finance is helping us to achieve this”, Gianluca Busato, Founder & CEO at Enkronos says.

The new partnership will provide greater opportunities for both ENK token holders as well as the management team of Enkronos. Once the partnership goes in the effect, every ENK holder benefits from this partnership because it means greater liquidity of the token. He or She can avoid exchanges or loss of a prospective increase in their crypto-assets.

HODL Finance endeavors to start accepting ENK as soon as fall of 2018.


Enkronos Marketing Team



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With Swee you can attract your customers and visitors to your points of sale or locations

Swee is already available on the Enkronos Apps for content creators and on as Android app on Google Play for customers, while soon also the iOS app will be available on App Store.

Swee is a location-based, augmented reality engagement app, which is revolutionizing loyalty, contest and event concepts.

With Swee you can attract your customers and visitors to your points of sale or to the locations you want. Every SweeEvent can have an incentive for the visitor to come and participate to it through their mobile device.

With Swee, visitors to your event will automatically be registered simply by visiting your events location. While you, as the creator of the event will gather precious information and segment all the visitors in to groups managed by their interests and likes.

Since Swee is an Enkronos Application, the creators of a SweeEvent come with all the benefits that Enkronos Apps offer: a secure single sign on system and easy access to other Enkronos Apps which offers great ways to engage your consumers and visitors.

Every company or organization can organize in Swee their events or reward programs! Here you have an example of a campaign running now.

Swee is not just a standalone app. Swee is part of the bigger plan of Enkronos Apps. Enkronos Apps are an unique tool that centralizes the entire concept of companies engaging with their consumers.

Enkronos Marketing Team

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Updates to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

At Enkronos, we believe in putting the customer experience above all else. With that in mind, we have made some updates to our Legal documents to make it easier for you to understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it.

We are making these updates in response to a new data protection regulation that will come into effect in the European Union on May 25th, 2018. We are using this opportunity to make these updates globally because we think they’re fundamentally better for our community.

Here is a quick summary of these important updates:
• We have updated our Privacy Policy to comply with the new requirements under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect on May 25, 2018.
• We have added a new Cookie Policy to make it easier to review alongside our use of cookies and other technologies.
• In addition to the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, we have also updated our Terms of Service that is also in line with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union

If you have any questions about these changes, please send us an email:

Enkronos d.o.o.

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Enkronos go to ICO!

Enkronos Apps: a full trusted decentralized blockchain-based accountability system for ethic advertising, marketing, data driven campaigns and projects in a total market of 700 billion USD

We are very excited to announce you our ICO! We can see all the details in our ICO web site. A basic difference from almost all the ICOs is then that we already have a product and an established Company.

As our followers know very well, in fact, the last 3rd of May we published the 1st release of Enkronos Apps, in advance of 12 days on the planned date of 15 May. Now we are very proud to tell you that our Token Generation Event (or better, ICO, as everybody calls it) has started its operations.

The Enkronos Tokens (ENK) will be the utility tokens of the “Enkronos Apps” Platform that will be used in all transactions related to distributed credits on the “Enkronos Apps”.

ENK will be then the only way to use “Enkronos Apps”, starting predictably from Q1-2019. Depending on resources consumption, storage and requests to the platform, the Enkronos Wallet will update its balance of available ENK.

Why we created ENK?

Enkronos Apps platform powerful advertising, marketing, AI and big data possible usage (as it happens for any other advanced solution) raises a problem of respect of ethical conduct that till now has not found any acceptable answer also in any other available platforms. This unsolved problem is the main reason of the recent uncertainty that has created collapses in the stock exchange even for giants like Facebook (see Cambridge Analytica case).

The natural evolution of “Enkronos Apps” was therefore the realization by Enkronos of a full trusted, not manipulable publicly available accountability system to guarantee its ethical usage.

This the main reason why blockchain technology is the answer to this issue, since it is the only way to assure everybody that any usage of Enkronos Apps, that will be possible only with ENK tokens, will be registered and traced in a secure way that can’t be deleted or changed.

ENK Supply

ENK follows ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain.

ENK has already been created and they have been capped, meaning we are not able to create any more in the future. No inflation is intended. The base price of ENK is setted as published on our TGE web site,

500 million ENK tokens created. 255 million directly sold to public.

Token supply is fixed, we create immediate deflationary currency that will be as va­luable as our growing community (startups and crowd) in our ecosystem.

The tokensale will happen in these phases:

  • Private Sale: June 14, 2018 h16:00 CET – June 25, 2018 h15:59 CET
  • Pre Sale: June 27, 2018 h16:00 CET – July 16, 2018 h15:59 CET
  • Public Sale: Sept 18, 2018 h15:00 CET – Nov 20, 2018 h14:59 CET

Legals: No KYC Is Required

From a legal point of view, ENK is a utility token and does not qualify as securities since their sole purpose is to confer digital access rights to our multi-application ecosystem. ENK doesn’t function in any way, solely or partially, as an investment in economic terms.

On these fundamental assumptions of ENK tokens, then, in accordance both with the slovenian law (our jurisdiction) and also the doctrine that is going to be established at many levels in different countries and jurisdictions, such as the ICO guidelines recently published by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, there is no need at this stage to apply the procedures known as “Know Your Client” (KYC) and “Anti Money Laundering” (AML) to any person or entity interested in buying ENK during our “Token Generation Event – Initial Coin Offering” (TGE).

You can read more information about ou ICO on our official web sites and social media pages.

Company Web Sites

Our products are live:

Social Media Presence:

And last night (local time) has also started our Bounty Campaign. All the info about our Bounty are available in

Thank you all for your support, that is already overwhelming!

Enkronos Marketing Team

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FeelGrid Smart Vineyard promo video

Here it is! Our FeelGrid promo video! Thanks to Aljosa Jakoncic and his hospitality!

FeelGrid is a digital platform that allows you to design and manage IoT-based monitoring, forecasts and actions in large geographical areas (such as vineyards, cities, urban, agricultural, industrial areas etc.).

FeelGrid has been released in its first version on 05.05.2017 and will be avalaible on Enkronos Apps on 30.11.2018.

It allows the gathering of data in time and space enabling thus their scientific analysis. The results of analysis translates directly into a benefit for end users, which in vineyards case can be wine growers as much as winemakers-enologists.

FeelGrid creates a personalized environment for specific needs. It offers real time data presented through a customer dedicated control panel.

An example of application is given by the measures required for the management of vineyards, which we are using in areas of Goriška Brda. Readings of temperature and humidity in the air and ground or values of leaf wetness, sunlight, rain and other data can help to better manage the production process of winegrowing. How to, for example, optimize treatments and irrigation only on the basis of the actual need of plants, monitored in real time, remotely and comfortably visible from a PC or smartphone via internet.

We have created a assortment of measuring node devices equipped with sensors that measure any needed value in the wine sector, such as:

  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity of the air
  • Rainfall
  • Leaf wetness – both sides
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Lighting
  • Air pressure
  • Soil temperature (on 2 levels of depth)
  • Soil moisture (on 2 levels of depth)

Thanks to the data collected by FeelGrid it will be possible to control a vast variety of diseases that can affect the vineyard:

  • Vine Diseases – impact on growth: Variety, substrate, position, microclimatic conditions, ampelotechnical procedures, phenological phase
  • Peronospora of the vine (Plasmopara viticola Berl. & De Toni):
    • air temperature, precipitation, leaf wetness: primary infection + relative humidity: Secondary infection
  • Oidium of the vine (Erysiphe necator Schwein):
    • temperature, relative air humidity, wind speed, precipitation (primary infection!)
  • Other diseases:
    • gray mold (botrytis), grape black rot

More info in

Marketing Office – FeelGrid

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Enkronos Apps, a new multi-application ecosystem for AI, AR, IoT and Big Data solutions

A Fully Trusted Blockchain Credit System for Ethic Data Driven Campaigns

May 15th 2018 is the date! We are extremely happy to announce the publishing of our new and powerful platform named “Enkronos Apps”.

It will be a very important step for our business, which will anticipate further extremely important steps, and finalize an ambitious development plan, that began just three years ago with the birth of Enkronos d.o.o.

“Enkronos Apps” is not a simple platform, but a powerful multi-application ecosystem for advertising solutions, marketing and promotions, gamification, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, internet of things, big data and e-democracy, just to name a few areas.
All the applications that will be published share a unified authentication system (SSO) that will also facilitate interoperability and will greatly enhance every data-driven project in a common cloud-based environment.

We anticipate an application release plan in Enkronos Apps that is already very tight and will soon be open to the publication of apps by third parties, developers and companies, which will benefit from an innovative approach to data integration, which covers all sectors and needs.

Initially, the target we are addressing will be more in the business-to-business area, as our history and vocation is currently prevalent as an application service provider for companies. Soon we will also target the business-to-consumer segments, as soon as in particular some applications in Enkronos Apps will develop the potential for dissemination that we expect, for example, in the context of augmented reality applications and user location-based engagement.

The events of these weeks related to the case of Facebook – Cambridge Analytica have also opened an unprecedented and serious ethical issue in the use of big data, which social networks, large applications and digital companies have raised creating a challenge to be seized as soon as possible.

Enkronos Apps interprets this need in a native way. On one hand, with full compatibility with the European GDPR legislation on the subject of privacy protection, which will take effect from next May 25th. On the other hand with extreme care and attention to security. Such as those provided in the Application Security Verification Standard Level 3 of the Owasp project, a level that every app we develop intends to respect.

In this regard, we have also decided to create a real Credit Ethics System of Enkronos Apps, thanks to the use of the blockchain. Within a few months, the only way to access Enkronos Apps will be made possible only through the use of a cryptocurrency, the Enkronos Tokens (ENK), that will allow us to make public and non manipulable all the billing entries associated with the use of Enkronos Apps. No one will be able to afford abuses like those of Cambridge Analytica, as all the advertising or communication campaigns associated with Enkronos Apps will see their budgets publicly accessible thanks to the integration of our credit system with the blockchain.

Starting from the next few weeks, therefore, it will be possible to purchase the Enkronos Tokens, according to a public sales plan that can already be consulted in advance on the site announcing our Token Generation Event:

During the launch days of this event, some promotional campaigns will also be carried out which will also include special incentives, which will also allow ENK Tokens to be obtained free of charge through contests and competitions.

At this point, we just have to start the countdown for May 15th, to start using the Enkronos Apps.

Gianluca Busato
CEO – Enkronos d.o.o.

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How we helped a Promotion Agency in managing their client´s loyalty store

Tichè Promotion is an Italian Company specialized in organizing promotional operations, brand engagement events, mass marketing campaigns, conferences, incentives and team buildings. They collaborate with the most important national agencies and tour operators which allows them to maintain a high quality standard. Tichè Promotion implements all kind of promotional services for the most important companies in the world in order to retain their audience with tools suitable for each target.

Tichè promotion wants to build up and manage a reward system and a loyalty online store for a word wide company in the field of professional food service. They choose LV Store because they were looking for a new, more affordable and faster supplier for a loyalty platform.

“The greatest advantage of Loyalty Venue Platform is its easy usability.” said Giorgia Mancon, Network Manager from Tichè Promotion.

Loyalty Venue is an unique loyalty program for your business which strengthens the relationship with your customers and allows you to gather important data. You can access your customized card or card-less business loyalty program with our web-based software wherever you are! And what is more important, a special reward web store – LV Store can be opened with minimal effort. After you have inserted the products and set their prices, just pick a sub domain and your store is ready. In just a few clicks your customers can start redeeming their rewards!

All our platforms are GDPR compliant and respect the word highest standards in the field of internet security – ASVS Level 3 of OWASP.

Find out how in just a few clicks your customers can start redeeming their rewards:

Enkronos Marketing Team

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Why you should start using Augmented Reality (AR) and Gamification?

I am sure we all remember Pokémon Go.

And do you remember all those people searching and catching Pokémons all over the word? It was a real social fenomena.

Just imagine that some of these people are your customers and instead searching Pokémons they could be searching for your store discounts! Or your store credit points. It´s a great idea, isn´t it?

What can we learn from this fenomena?

Pokémon GO is the living proof that if you combine a mobile game with innovative technology, like AR, and add a partnership with such mobile ecosystem as Google, mostly likely you will hit the jackpot and create not just a new mobile game but a worldwide phenomena. And of course, there is one extra component of the Pokémon GO success – it’s based on previously popular Pokemon Brand.

Now you can easily imagine: just switch Pokémon Go with a well known food chain company (or whatever), add some marketing idea manipulation … and there you go! Maybe you will not get 500 millions of downloads worldwide*, like Pokemon Go did, but I am asure it is still a huge success getting just a few percentage of that number!

Augmented Reality – A huge and blooming market

“What’s different about AR”, says Ana Javornik, an academic at the Newcastle University Business School, “is the ability to overlay virtual content on the physical world and have the two interact in real time.” Rather than shutting us off from reality, AR enhances our experience of it.

 “Marketers should remember that AR is not about creating a completely new reality; it’s about enhancing what already exists. When the virtual is well fitted with the physical and interacts with it, that’s when AR magic happens.” says Ana Javornik.

Gartner, a technology research company, predicts that by the end of this decade 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality. The technology is still in its infancy. But with the some of the biggest brands and marketing companies moving into this space (Ikea, RayBan, CoverGirl), it can only be a matter of time before AR changes the world.

Augmented Reality in the Retail Segment

Customers are looking for a unique experience when it comes to shopping, both online and offline. Retailers that use AR technology to deliver these experiences will beat out the competition. And it’s not only big businesses that are using this technology. Often, larger companies are stuck in legacy systems and in red tape that blocks innovation, which means smaller retailers can use AR technology to take more of the market.

Retailers that invest in VR and AR technologies are sure to edge out the competition in the near future.

Converse, for instance, created a Sampler app, where users snap a picture of their leg and can see what different shoes look like on them. 

LEGO has created an in-store action app to improve the shopping experience. It encourages people to download the app and visit a LEGO store to pose along with mini figures. Moreover, certain stores offer AR-powered kiosks that bring the products to life with the use of 3D technology.


First and foremost, Gamification is not equal to games. On the web you can find a lot of Gamification definitions. I have chosen the next two, because I think they give the right idea:

  • Gamification is the application of gaming concepts to non-game experiences in order to drive desired behaviour from an audience.
  • Gamification is the process of applying video game mechanics – things like points, rewards, badges and so on – to non-gaming websites and apps.

The theory is simple: make something fun, and the customer or employee is more likely to use it. But according to Adam Kleinberg, a journalist at Mashable, there’s also a deeper psychology behind gamification. Kleinberg cites a 2010 study in the Harvard Business Review, which concluded that a sense of progress is the most important motivating factor at work. Both as employees and consumers, we want to strive for something – a reward, a point, an outcome. Companies are learning that they can drive engagement by tapping into this desire for progress.

The time is now!

While AR is not quite yet mainstream, this trend is really growing fast and engaging users in the meantime. Now is the time to invest in Ar technology to meet customers demands, create unique experiences, and put your brand ahead of the rest.

Enkronos development team is working hard to release our new AR App, that should be ready for the market in May 2018. We are proud and thrilled to be on the edge of this powerful and helpful technology that can help companies stand out of the croud and give customer a really unique experience!

Check out our giff preview of [The name is still secret] APP on the video below:

Enkronos Marketing Team


*This augmented reality (AR) game required players to catch digital monsters that appeared more or less randomly in real-life locations. The app was downloaded by over 500 million people (!), and although the game quickly peaked, it kept enjoying a very healthy fan base. The phenomenon may have faded, but it still holds important lessons for retailers, giving us some clear insights into what customers want.