Something great is going on! Enkronos and HODL Finance have reached a partnership agreement

We are excited to announce a great milestone in our development!

HODL Finance and Enkronos – the unique data driven multi-application platform for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions – has reached a partnership agreement.

About Hodl Finance:
HODL Finance is a leading financial services company for the age of new digital economy. Serving clients around the world, HODL Finance issues loans, while accepting cryptocurrencies, partner tokens, and other digital assets as collateral.
Enkronos token (ENK) will be another partner token to be accepted as collateral for crypto-backed loans from HODL Finance.

“More and more participants of the new digital economy can now enjoy the benefits of crypto-backed loans. ENK token holders will be able to get a crypto-backed loan when providing their token as collateral. We’re opening the doors for every ENK token holder to get a quick, untaxed, safe crypto-backed loan 24/7 from HODL Finance”, Vytautas Zabulis, MD at HODL Finance celebrates.

“Our team is committed to providing the best opportunities and value to our token holders. Accepting ENK token as collateral to get a crypto-backed loan is another proof of that commitment. We’re happy that HODL Finance is helping us to achieve this”, Gianluca Busato, Founder & CEO at Enkronos says.

The new partnership will provide greater opportunities for both ENK token holders as well as the management team of Enkronos. Once the partnership goes in the effect, every ENK holder benefits from this partnership because it means greater liquidity of the token. He or She can avoid exchanges or loss of a prospective increase in their crypto-assets.

HODL Finance endeavors to start accepting ENK as soon as fall of 2018.


Enkronos Marketing Team



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