With Swee you can attract your customers and visitors to your points of sale or locations

Swee is already available on the Enkronos Apps for content creators and on as Android app on Google Play for customers, while soon also the iOS app will be available on App Store.

Swee is a location-based, augmented reality engagement app, which is revolutionizing loyalty, contest and event concepts.

With Swee you can attract your customers and visitors to your points of sale or to the locations you want. Every SweeEvent can have an incentive for the visitor to come and participate to it through their mobile device.

With Swee, visitors to your event will automatically be registered simply by visiting your events location. While you, as the creator of the event will gather precious information and segment all the visitors in to groups managed by their interests and likes.

Since Swee is an Enkronos Application, the creators of a SweeEvent come with all the benefits that Enkronos Apps offer: a secure single sign on system and easy access to other Enkronos Apps which offers great ways to engage your consumers and visitors.

Every company or organization can organize in Swee their events or reward programs! Here you have an example of a campaign running now.

Swee is not just a standalone app. Swee is part of the bigger plan of Enkronos Apps. Enkronos Apps are an unique tool that centralizes the entire concept of companies engaging with their consumers.

Enkronos Marketing Team

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